Acharya Agyaatadarshan’s reply to a confused youth..

|| You seek and help will be there ||

|| You seek and help will be there ||

Acharya ji pranam,

first of all thanks for your reply….i am a 21 years old boy and i have been doing masturbation for the last 10 years continuously…of course i have tried to leave it many times but failed…now i am surrounded by all sorts of problems…i m losing my hair, i have become very skinny, no energy , feeling tired and fatigue all the time , my mental health has also gone down considerably…i feel tensions, anxiety and headaches all the time…cant concentrate, become very nervous for no reason at all …avoid people and all sorts of things.

sir , in these last 10 years i have had literally no one to share my feelings, i have lived more of a lonely life…and thats why a tremendous amount of negative emotions thoughts and feelings have set inside me…i feel no way out of this

i was an extra ordinary student (because of my memory, my understanding) upto my school level but then everything fell apart….

respected sir …i seek ur help and look forward to u reply to this….i am really in a lot of pain and unhappiness .thank you.   

 – Amit*

Beloved Amit,

Although 11 years of age is too early to get into the habit but still understand that all your issues are not related to ONLY masturbation. There are many more things which you should contemplate on changing in your life –

1. Lack of energy, weakness and untimely hair-loss may have to do more than on your routine and eating habits.

Suggestion : In fact you need no authority to tell you that you should get up early in the morning and sleep on time, Exercise regularly without fail (10 rounds of Suryanamaskar after little warm up would be ok). I suggest you consult a physician also to be assessed for any specific deficiency or unknown ailment and adjust your diet & medication (if needed) and food supplements accordingly. It is better to take vitamins and nutrients from natural sources.. (sprouts with milk with added dry-fruits is best morning breakfast).

2. Your lack of concentration and loss of memory is also impacted due to loneliness and feeling of continuous guilt & love-deprivation.

Suggestion : You should start socializing a bit. If not possible to get in to friend circles due to prolonged loner attitude its better to engage yourself in some kind of social activities. Join a social group and engage yourself in service of people. Open communication channels with your parents and siblings.. they would definitely have consideration for you. Spend less time on computer & phone.. better reach out to people and interact.

3. I can see you are seeking help to come out of this habit of Masturbation.

Suggestion : Any habit is formed by repetitive behavior and only way to come out of that is to become aware of the aftermath (future) and choices before you engage yourself in any action. Any time you get an urge for that.. go out, take a walk.. read something good. Make sure you do not expose yourself to erotic materials and keep yourself alone for long duration because both would aggravate your desire.

Lastly, if you have time and resources get initiated in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan”. The next program is in Delhi on 13th of October’2012 at India Habitat Center, Delhi, India. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan  has helped many students and young people in harnessing their energies in constructive way. Do not think you are different.. every one has some or the other issue in life to deal with. Earlier we recognize the problem we would get access to solution.

To increase your will power.. in the first place decide your days of fasting and abstinence and adhere to that. Remember – a promise broken would weaken your will-power further. So decide yourself what you can promise and fulfill.

Baby steps please..


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

*The name of the questioner has been changed upon request.

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2 Responses to Acharya Agyaatadarshan’s reply to a confused youth..

  1. Rajan says:

    Guruji, Are eggs and other non Veg items are bad for Nadis…my doctor said to me to eat eggs on daily basis in breakfast and non veg often…sir plz guide me for the effects of these on my brain and Nadis… Shivoham…

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