What are the best yoga for removing extreme laziness and improving concentration and happiness?

|| Nadishodhan ||

|| Nadishodhan ||

What are the best yoga for removing extreme laziness and improving concentration and happiness? I really feel extreme laziness. Whenever I manage to study somehow, I feel complete absence of concentration. Please help.

– Shubham Agrawal

Beloved Shubham,

Extreme laziness and absence of concentration are indicative of few critical things about you. First could be that ‘Whatever you are doing/engaged in currently that activity is not interesting for you. It happens for various reasons but most likely reason is that somehow you are not able to link that activity to your benefit or gain.’ Ponder about it and try finding reasons for ‘Why’ you should study or do whatever for  some or other goal.

Second case could be of ‘Generic lethargy which is associated with students who are unable to manage their sexuality and engage in ways to spill that energy through various means. For them only thing which can make active is drive for sexual/sensual pleasure or vicinity of opposite sex.’ Look within! whether this is the case for you?

Thirdly you may not be managing your routine well and leading a generally inactive lifestyle where you are able to tire your body but only tire your mind (whether in studies or in fantasizing) and that might have led to lack of sleep/relaxation or disturbed sleep cycle. This lethargy can also be due to heavy eating on wrong times.

Lastly you should also see if there are any pulmonary conditions or any problem in respiratory systems. List out reasons for that such as smoking, being exposed to passive smoking or living in an extremely polluted or suffocated place where not much of fresh air or sun-light comes.

So my suggestion is, when you have ruled out all the above possibilities and also adopted a healthy routine for body (such as going to bed early and getting up with sunrise, some physical activity etc.) and even fixed your mind on some goal and even then if your lethargy doesn’t go + your focus remains weak THEN COME BACK because even if someone suggests you any Yoga, that too shall require a basic level of enthusiasm, focus and goal-orientation. Nonetheless you can try ‘Yogic breathing’ for 5 minutes every morning and evening. Take lots of water. Don’t spend too much time over the Internet and Computer/Mobile games. Stay away from porn. Keep good company and discuss your issues with seniors/parents and I am sure by venting out your feelings you will feel better… much better I can assure you.

Further any person who is facing such symptoms is a case of ‘Tamasic’ privritti. Whis is caused by too much of ‘Prithvi Tattva stagnation and excessive of Jala Tattva’, lack of ‘Agni’ and contamination in ‘Vayu’. Such people can benefit more from ‘Tattva Shakti Therapy’ than anything else. ‘5-D Shakti Healing‘ also gives magical results with 100% success rate but that not a case for you. You are seemingly too young for all this. So, my final recommendation for you are – Stay positive, Reason out why you should study and above all remember that ‘If you don’t do a different thing don’t expect different result’.


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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