Uterine Fibroids – Treatment in Yoga, Ayurveda and Mantras

|| Health of Reproductive Organs is Important ||

|| Health of Reproductive Organs is Important ||

Guruji, I am 30 yrs old, Having a large fibroid in my uterus,but i am not finding any pain because of this.I am planning for my first baby,in pre-pregnancy checkup ,i came to know about this.and doctors are saying to go for surgery. But i don’t want to go for that,as surgery is not a permanent cure for this.Plz help me guiding to cure this and for conceiving.

– Sarmishtha


Beloved Sarmishtha,

Like you there are millions of women suffering from such condition on this globe. All such ailments of abnormal mass-growth within the body have deep roots in people’s way of life, thoughts and perversions. The region of body or the organ affected only indicates which of their negative thoughts and perceptions about life are being accumulated as different thoughts and unresolved issues tend to affect different organs.

Since, I am not an authority to comment on medical subject matters  I shall refrain from engaging in that side however every such ailment which does not find reasons outside our body-mind complex (reasons like bacteria, viruses, accidents, traumas, food, radiations, pollutants etc.) they have to have links with our thoughts and actions. The thoughts and actions of our present incarnation can be modified and using the power of current-thoughts and actions we can, to some extent nullify the effects of past karma as well. For attaining health at all the levels (physical, mental and spiritual) one has to look at things from different perspective… which I call spiritual perspective where I take responsibility for my thoughts speech and actions in every sphere of life. When one starts taking responsibility of everything one gets power over many spheres of life – health is also one of them.

Sarmishtha, You may be thinking why I am dwelling more on spiritual aspects here rather than giving you tricks and techniques which will heal your fibroid. Well.. you have asked this question to a spiritual Master not a doctor so be ready to take some spiritual crap as well.. (laughs) In fact when you understand your being (mind & body) well you can treat yourself, you can heal yourself easily.

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