Top 51 benefits of meditation!

|| Meditation - The first and Last freedom ||

|| Meditation – The first and Last freedom ||

Here is a question asked by a meditation enthusiasts and its answer by Acharya ji..

Q: What are after effects of meditation?


Lovely Soul,

First of all meditation is not easy to be perfected that is why in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan we do not give out meditations to the practitioners in the initial few years of their practice however even if you start trying to calm your mind using any technique (preceding proper preparedness) you shall benefit a lot in many aspects of life.

I am here listing down some of salient features of seasoned meditators to give you an idea of what are ‘Meditation after effects’. Here it goes –

1. Your anxiety and stress levels shall go down.

2. You shall have more control on your speech and action.

3. Sharpness of intellect improves.

4. Your relationship with yourself improves and complexes melt down.

5. You feel light and energetic.

6. Your Aura gets synchronized, expanded and radiant.

7. Your higher personality aspects become accessible to you.

8. Your concentration and memory (only if you wish to) also improves.

9. You are able to forgive and forget people.

10. Acceptance grows for people unlike you.

11. Your senses brighten and become sharp.

12. You feel more connected to nature and its forces.

13. You become capable of reading other’s thoughts (occasionally).

14. Your urges for sense pleasure reduce.

15. Your world view starts transforming.

16. You see the glimpses of future sometimes (you can perfect it if you like).

17, Your energy levels get boosted and that wards off lethargy.

18. You find your routine synchronized with the nature’s rhythm.

19. Your immunity improves and so you barely fall sick.

20. Your state of mind is mostly positive.

21. There comes a saatvic (benevolent) shift in your prikriti (nature).

22. Your sleep is deep and mostly dreamless.

23. Your over all efficiency, creativity and productivity improves quite a lot.

24. You are least perturbed with negative things and people around.

25. Your desires and demands go down.

26. Your heart-rate, blood-pressure, breathing and many other physical health parameter start normalizing.

27. You become compassionate and charitable.

28. You start perceiving higher meanings in mundane and ordinary things and events.

29. You become open-minded and your logic become sharp.

30. You don’t get angry easily and if at all you become so you regain control and awareness very quickly.

31. Your many aspects of creativity and expression (technically we call it kundalini) starts surfacing making you a better human (even super-human).

32. You become fearless or at least less fearful.

33. You tend to speak less and balanced.

34. Your words have power to manifest themselves.

35. You might become capable of healing (if you like to invest your energies in it).

36. Your being gets expanded and you feel (once in a while) the entire world is operating and existing within you.

37. You can sense energies of people and places.

38. You can (if you wish) even sense the presence of spirits and departed souls and can even communicate with them.

39. Your being is filled with love and light.. so much so that others can feel it.

40. You do not tend to hurt others and be gentle on even inanimate things.

41. You enjoy your own presence so you don’t get bored.

42. You take ups and downs of life with balance.

43. You are mostly joyous and high-spirited.

44. In deepest of your meditations you move towards samadhi (complete dissolution of mind and its vrittis).

45. Prolonged practice of meditation makes you witness of your own body, mind and emotions.

46. You feel good for no apparent reasons.

47. Your respect for your teachers and parents grows phenomenally.

48. You experience (with deeper practice) eternal-bliss.

49. You  experience eternity of life (deathlessness).

50. You develop profound understanding. I am not calling it self-understanding because your ‘self’ becomes limitless (owing to expansion) thus your understanding is also limitless. In other words you experience true wisdom.

51. The most interesting after effect of true meditation is that you want to stay more in meditation!


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

The Sacred Association :: Applying Spiritual Sciences for creating Success and Joy in your life.

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  1. Shuchi Gokhale says:

    Cannot express my gratitude for your support and guidance always!!!

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