The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 1:42-1:47

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr,  Vidya Guru Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji, Yoga Guru Paramhamsa Shri Balendu Giri ji Maharaj and all the compassionate Masters and divine souls of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance..


प्रथमोSध्यायः… (Continued 1:42 – 1:47)

सङ्करो नरकायैव कुलघ्नानां कुलस्य च ।

पतन्ति पितरो ह्येषां लुप्तपिण्डोदकक्रियाः ॥ १-४२॥

In the absence of laws, Krishna the women of the family gets corrupted. When women become corrupted Varshneya, varna-sankara are born. These confused varna-sankaras become the cause of leading their own and the killers of their families to the hell because their ancestors fall from their places in absence of the pindodak kriyas (offering pinda & water)

Arjuna goes on to elaborate this particular impact of such mass-killing which is evident in a war and says that Krishna, when there are no laws women of family get corrupted sexually and varna-sankaras are born. These varna-sankaras (children born through these unruly, corrupt sexual practices will be left in the lurch due to lack of guidance from elders regarding pinda-odak kriyas (certain postmortem rituals pertaining to nourishing of departed souls of one’s family ancestors) leading to falling of pitras (departed souls of family lineage who are still in the subtler realm waiting to be born) from their places.

Arjuna is bringing in a valid and right point though at the wrong time only to avoid fighting the battle. Some aware modern women may feel that the statement ‘Women become corrupted’ (स्त्रीषु दुष्टासु जायते वर्णसङ्करः) is a sexist remark and can question how only women gets corrupted.. why not men too? Probably if this could have come in today’s time there would have been candle marches, protests and dharnaas around this but as I see it is definitely not an inappropriate remark at all and has psychological, scientific basis as well.

Of course after such a massive loss of Men’s (or males) lives (Arjuna was right.. You can’t ignore the number of Men who died after all in the battle of Mahabharata.. it is beyond imagination. For you to comprehend I must give you an accord of that.. The account of number of people dies in kurukshetra battle-field is also given in Stri-Prav  of Mahabharata.  Upon conclusion of war Dhritarashtra asks Yudhisthir about how many lost their lives in this battle and how many are saved and in the reply Yudhisthira says.. 

दशायुतानाम अयुतं सहस्राणि च विंशतिः
कॊट्यः षष्टिश च षट चैव ये ऽसमिन राजमृधे हताः ||
अलक्ष्याणां तु वीराणां सहस्राणि चतुर्दश
दश चान्यानि राजेन्द्र शतं षष्टिश च पञ्च च || 

Yudhishthir tells Dhritarashtra  that.. One billion 660 million and 20,000 men have been killed in this battle. The heroes and valiant warriors that have escaped, their number is 240,165 ) the social order was most likely to fall and when social order falls, where there are no social prohibitions people start operating out of their instincts without any inhibitions. men and women alike. The providence in order to propagate the races of different species has invested in Males to be ever ready to engage in sex and sow the seeds for next crop of that specie. Human males are no different. But women are!

As per Ayurvedic understanding of a woman is having 1o times more sexual energies, capacity and desire than a man however she has also been blessed with 10 times more lajja. Lajja  is shyness. (अन्तःकरण की वह वृत्ति जिससे स्वभावतः या किसी निन्दनीय आचरण की भावना के कारण दूसरों के सामने वृत्तियाँ संकुचित हो जाती हैं, तथा चेष्टा मंद पड़ जाती हैं।) Lajja also means keeping dignity (मर्यादा या विचार करना). This lajja dampens and controls the sexual expression in women. It is also true that in normal given life it is woman who plays the key role in protecting the sanctity of a vulnerable situation or relationship because men are always keen on engaging sexually.

Mothers the women have the most important role to play in bringing about a child in this world. A child in the womb is so much affected by the behaviour, attitude, mental health, vrittis and actions of mother.. not upon the fathers’ and thus slightest of contamination in personality of the mother shall lead to the birth of a spiritually corrupted child. Ain’t we seeing the same epidemic? Children (males) as young as 10 years tp 14 years are being found involved in rape, robbery, stealing. snatching, abduction and even murders. How can one explain such a drastic change in child-behaviour? It is in most probability linked to the exposure of carrying women to all sorts of non-sense from media, society and of course some of their own malicious tendencies. I do not mean to say that it is solely responsibility of individual mother because over all there is bombardment of negative energies in society, media and homes.

Here Arjuna should not be misunderstood.. he is visualizing the long term effect of this war. He is clearly seeing the fall of social order.. imbalance in sex-ratio.. human-psychology at play all together. Why he chooses to use term ‘corrupted’ only for women is because they were vulnerable, their safety was largely dependent of social order, they were going to be sexually deprived out of fallen male sex-ratio. Also it women’s womb which acts as a fertile land for the seeds of the human-race to grow. Also when social order is not there these vulnerable women even during their pregnancy will be subjected to various types of sexual abuse, deprivations and traumas along with their own un-manageable energies coupled with possibility of their shyness (lajja) falling apart.

दोषैरेतैः कुलघ्नानां वर्णसङ्करकारकैः ।

उत्साद्यन्ते जातिधर्माः कुलधर्माश्च शाश्वताः ॥ १-४३॥

उत्सन्नकुलधर्माणां मनुष्याणां जनार्दन ।

नरके नियतं वासो भवतीत्यनुशुश्रुम ॥ १-४४॥

Arjuna then goes on to say “Because of the unlawful misdeeds of the killers of their families, is caused varna-sankar crisis leading to upsetting of eternal family and social laws. We have heard, Janardana that the men losing their family laws are ever destined to be placed in hell.”

अहो बत महत्पापं कर्तुं व्यवसिता वयम् ।

यद्राज्यसुखलोभेन हन्तुं स्वजनमुद्यताः ॥ १-४५॥

यदि मामप्रतीकारमशस्त्रं शस्त्रपाणयः ।

धार्तराष्ट्रा रणे हन्युस्तन्मे क्षेमतरं भवेत् ॥ १-४६॥

He adds “Alas! We have decided to such a great evil as we have decided to kill our family for our greed of pleasures of kingdom.”


Arjuna is now consolidating his feelings and decision is appearing. He is now seeing this opportunity of war negatively. He is in the self-condemnation and giving up mode and wonders how they a decision so gruesome and pitiful out of greed for pleasure of kingdom. You should keep in mind that all the while this war was being planned it was an endeavour for bringing justice and was never driven out of greed. It was about righteousness versus wrong but suddenly the deluded state of mind upon witnessing the magnitude of impact of such a decision Arjuna is frightened. He goes to the extend of even forgetting the whole motive, the root cause, the purpose of this war. This is natural for most of us.. we begin with so much enthusiasm to bring about some positive changes.. we begin with some very positive attitude and clear understanding of things but when we realize the aftereffects of our noble actions (which many at times do injure many of our personal interests, assets, people and relationships) we tend to find silly reasons to turn away from our own virtuous resolves.

Pragmatic change can come in your life when you are free of fear and greed. Fear if always of losing something.. and something which can be lost is always outside.. falling in the category of ‘mine’.  Principally there is nothing ‘mine’ in ever changing world.. what to talk of the land, assets, business or relationships even your body is not ‘yours’.. for you shall drop it one day only to continue your journey.. so where is the fear? But greed of keeping all that is ‘mine’ guarded propels you to take unwise decisions. Greed and fear contaminate your buddhi.. your intellect. Arjuna who is not an ordinary man but a seeker, a yogi is also suffering from the same disease here and he announces..

“If the sons of Dhritarashtra, carrying weapons in their hands were to kill me, unresisting and unarmed in the battle, that would be better for me.”

        सञ्जय उवाच ।

एवमुक्त्वार्जुनः सङ्ख्ये रथोपस्थ उपाविशत् ।

विसृज्य सशरं चापं शोकसंविग्नमानसः ॥ १-४७॥

Sanjay Says , With these words, and agonized mind Arjuna dropped his bow and arrows amid battlefield and sunk in the chariot.

Arunja has now consolidated probably won over the initial symptoms of nervousness and anxiety which made his body sweat, mouth become dry and head spinning. The mind has given him shelter for the time being in the imaginary world of his own. He has taken a firm decision but his mind is also soaked in the grief and sadness. The first chapter which began with the idea (shabda – akasha) of showing down the enemies in the battle field (space) which was filled with roaring sounds of conchs and trumpets (shabda). Suddenly became dominant in thoughts and thinking (air- Vayu-communication), the battlefield was on fire but Arjuna the warrior also feeling the heat (fire) of it all. His emotions (Water) took over and after several rounds of travelling between other higher tattwas he stabilizes, becomes firm and resolves (Earth) not to fight. It is the Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’s way to look at this chapter. (smiles)

ॐ तत्सदिति श्रीमद्भगवद्गीतासूपनिषत्सु

ब्रह्मविद्यायां योगशास्त्रे श्रीकृष्णार्जुनसंवादे

अर्जुनविषादयोगो नाम प्रथमोऽध्यायः ॥ १॥

This chapter is called Vishada Yoga.. in fact all spiritual endevours normally begin with our encounter with grief, misery and low times. These so called unfortunate times are opportunities to grow, evolve and discover our true ‘self” and so such moments of grief and distress can not be given a better name – Vishada Yoga. Yoga or endeavour of finding your true self being triggered by Vishaada, the grief.

Enough for today..

Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at :
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