Misophonia : The sensitivity to sound caused by Pranayama – Cure in Tattvas

|| Hearing issues due to Pranayama ? Check! One Two Three Check! ||

Namaste guruji,

every time i do pranayam whether anulom vilom or kapalbhati, i notice my anxiety get increase, my heart get sensitive to sensory inputs like sound. I start to get scared and heart beat raises fast, i get more nervous rather than turning to be brave. Can you please explain why is it happening and what am i doing wrong and what should i do to over come this problem. Your help can help me lead better life.

Nayan Thanki

|| Acharya Agyaatadarshan ||

|| Acharya Agyaatadarshan ||


Beloved Nayan,

There is whole lot of ailments relating to sound sensitivity which might get triggered due to angered prana-vayu. The generic description is already provided in every standard and authentic yogic text. You may have read the same shloka quoted by me in various other posts and it goes like this –

Below is the shloka quoted from Yoga-choodamani-upanishad of Saamaveda which clearly says that upon aggravating the prana-vayu can cause pain and various diseases relating to Head, Ear and Eyes along with conditions like cough and asthma.

The condition you are suffering from might be termed as Hyperacusis which is result of heightened sensitivity of your ears to specific sound frequencies or in general to all sounds wherein this condition will be technically called ‘Phonophobia or Misophonia’. Not getting in to the details of these medical conditions and terminology because it is not my domain however such a condition can definitely be caused by misconducted, unsupervised practice of pranayama. Also it is my experience that these conditions which are coupled with discomfort and intense anxiety upon hearing a loud (or even slightly loud but sudden) sound can be caused when people don’t prepare themselves for pranayama practices and get on to doing it without completing the regime of nadishodhan under the guidance of an able Yoga master.

The second possible reason for such a panic-response, discomfort or anxiety to sudden sounds indicates weak Root chakra (Moolaadhaara) and possibly a corrupt Solar Plexus (Manipoora chakra). People who have gone through a phase of long depression, stress or faced any loss of some loved ones in their family when engage in such practices without proper guidance are more prone to experience such devastating symptoms. In fact a long period of stress has been seen to cause even panic attacks in many people. The fears and consistent undercurrents of anger towards known/unknown causes/people/factors corrupt these chakras and also contaminate ‘Prithvi Tattva’ to a very high degree. Most of people, I have seen brave out such situations without any adverse symptoms but the Pandora box opens when situations normalize. And that is the reason one is not able to see a direct link between one’s accumulated emotional distress and fatigue to the unpleasant health conditions (which occur when things are seemingly alright).

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One of my acquaintance who had stored lot of stress due to his job-conditions where he was made to sit all day long on one seat without even looking around and meager socializing and intermingling with colleagues/co-workers in general for almost one and half year (he got rid of the situation only upon switching the job!), started feeling panic attacks when things were seemingly right. Irony of the situation is that he later got initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan also but unfortunately did not continue with his practices, which we know, would have cured him for sure of these panic attacks. After 3 years, he is still suffering, takes anti-depressants and seems to have accepted this situation to stay permanently with him for life. He still speaks with us at times, shares his issues also but now we do not recommend sadhana as in the meantime he has joined a kirtan/satsang group conducted by some religious teacher. Anyways..

The third cause which I briefly indicated in previous para is contaminated Prithvi Tattva and weakened tattvic energies of Earth and Fire element in one’s being. The unwanted swirls and knots in the energy currents of the person owing to prolonged exposure to adverse/testing situations or caused by unprepared practices of systems of spirituality or health; whatever the cause be these un-equalized energies do give rise to many unwanted emotional traits, phobias, compulsions and even addictions.

Nayan, you have asked what you can do to do away these symptoms. Well, apart from medical help (which you should seek of course) in view of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and Yoga following advice can be given –

1.  Stop all practices pertaining to breathing. (Including Nadishodhan).

2. Walking on earth barefoot for minimum of 30 minutes. (It is better if you engage yourself in gardening but remember not to wear slippers or shoes during that period)

3. Two sounds you should try to expose yourself to, though gradually. One is temple bell (घण्टा) and other is conch-shell (शंख). You can even blow the conch-shell (शंख) for 2-3 minutes each day depending on your capacity. (Do not strain yourself!)

4. Do bhraamari sound (chant aummmmm by closing your both ears) minimum of 7 minutes twice a day in morning and evening. The other economical way to generate pink noise (which is generic treatment of such disorders) is close your both the ears and do ujjai breathing for 3-4 minutes. Listening to these sounds (one generated in bhramari and the other in will greatly reduce your issues.

5. General Asanas and some running you should do everyday.

6. Drink lots of water, use shadbindu tail (षडबिंदु  तैल ) in your nostrils when you go to sleep. This oil is an Ayurvedic preparation which is available over the counter in most of the medical stored which keep Ayurvedic preparations also. Purchase only authentic product from a standard manufacturer.

7. Keep smiling, crack jokes, make people laugh and you too laugh together… Ha ha ha

Hope this will help you in healing and dealing with your issue.

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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2 Responses to Misophonia : The sensitivity to sound caused by Pranayama – Cure in Tattvas

  1. Subhajit Chakraborty says:

    I have a hearing loss(SSHL) only on right ear for the past 8 years…
    I also have tinnitus on right ear..
    I also developed vertigo …All.of these occcured at the same time..
    Recently for the past 1 year ..I have gradually developed Hyperacusis on my left ear..May be due to overuse of on left ear…
    I also have been practicing (on and off)few pranayams, Brahmari, karnarogantak etc..
    My question is , should I continue these pranayams specially Brahmari and karnarogantak…or should I stop (I fear this may aggravate the hyperacusis on left ear)….But O have benefited a lot from these pranayams for my right ear and my general overall health…What should I practice for my hyperacusis to go away…will Brahmari and karnarogantak will help??

    • Beloved Subhajit,
      You are bit too late for the right ear SSHL treatment as far as I know but inner resolve, discipline (not on and off), right practices (learn nadishodhan and panch-mahabhuta shakti kriya) rooted in faith; can give outstanding and at times miraculous results. Your overuse theory is more of a mental projection. You are worrying excessively. My suggestion is : Learn to relax and stay happy in all circumstances. Use positive self-talk to keep your motivation levels high.
      Love and light

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