Hernia due to Kapalbhati? Possible!

NadishodhanDear AD,

Due to unsupervised past pranayama practices for example kapal bhaati, i have come across some unhealthy changes in my body,especially those related to symmetry, which in severe is hernia. Is there a way to fix this? should i start with nadi sodhan pranayama?

what is the difference between nadi sodhana and anulom-vilom pranayam? Their methods are quite similar.

– J Sharma


Beloved J Sharma,

Unlike many other disciplines Yoga is a system which definitely requires personal supervision while learning. And this supervision should be available face to face so that face to face corrections/modifications in the practices can be suggested by your experienced teacher. Now when you have already hurt yourself I am sure you would like to warn others about the possible damages unsupervised practices of Yoga. Make up your mind and do it, making others aware about it will be a great service indeed.

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