What is significance of 108? Why can’t I chant mantra for as many times as I like..

|| Individuality to Infinity ||

|| Individuality to Infinity ||

Dear AD,

I have been to few of your blogs and you stand apart from the crowd, I must say. I have a question. Just not able to get clarifications from anywhere. Why 108? what is the reasoning behind the number 108? Why do I need to chant any mantra for 108 times. Why any Mala has 108 numbers? it discomforts me. Remembering God and to be with God is very private and personal issue. It all depends when do I want to be with them. But when ever, i think of spending some moments with God, I stuck with numbers. Why cant I chant any mantra just for 20 times or 120 times or as many time I want. Why some Godmen has fixed it with 108?
Pl help. For God sake, please don’t confuse me with old books.

Beloved Vikram,


You say… “I have been to few of your blogs and you stand apart from the crowd, I must say.” What should I say on this? Thanks? 🙂 Well.. I thank you for the compliment but it hardly matters to you personally whether I stand apart or as a part of crowd. Why few of blogs..? I would recommend you go through all the posts if you have time and energy to spend on this silly idea of self-development, it will definitely help. No compulsions though, its always a matter of choice.

You say Remembering God and to be with God is very private and personal issue.” Which God May I ask? Have you met him even once that you wish to remember him. Going by your words you want to spend time with God then my question would be “Have to taken an appointment with Him? Has he confirmed this personal time with you?” If you have been every introduced to God? How does he look like? And why do you want to spend time with Him before everything.

Beloved Vikram, I know you are not yet introduced to God nor you have ever experienced any of His attributes. Never met Him, never seen Him and sure enough I am to declare that you are still not aware of the address of His abode, his habitat. Are you? You said “For God sake, please don’t confuse me with old books” And that makes me use this language and answering in questions. Am I needed to confuse you when you are already confused with the whole concept of God. If you are still perceiving God to be somewhere outside ‘You’ then you are mistaken. Your presence, ego and existence is well within Him however this sentence itself is bookish and I don’t expect you to accept it but I would sincerely urge you to inquire and question your own methods without bringing in 108 in between you and God.

When you do chanting (as normally people do) what they actually do. They are not doing anything pious, holy or spiritual.. spirituality is a quest, a thirst.. temperament of the discoverer of Truth. If they are just chanting the mantra be it 108 times, 21 times or 1.25 lakh times it has no impact whatsoever unless they know the correct way of engaging themselves in it. Mantra chanting is not just about repeating the ‘words’ because mantra is a tool.. a very sophisticated tool for discovering the Truth. Yet almost every sadhaka or initiated one goes on chanting without knowing how to use it.

Vikram, When you understand and accept that mantra is a tool then you would want to know how to use this tool and where to use this tool. Assume you are in the mines of diamonds and you have been given a shovel. Now this shovel is something which you have never seen and don’t know how to use it. Also you don’t know which area to dig to get to the diamonds.. what would you do? You would want to know how to use this shovel first and second most important thing to know would be which area to dig after having learnt the use of shovel. The same way mantras are sound tools using which you dig, discover or create a channel between individual consciousness and the universal cosmic consciousness.

Having understood that mantras are merely tools for self-discovery and keeping the analogy of ‘diamond mine’ the next question would be “Where or which area do I dig using mantra or sounds?” For that we need to first understand where are the gates to the ‘Supreme Consciousness,Truth, God or whatever name you wish to give that ultimate reality’ are located. The popular belief of ‘portals’ being available at ‘teerthas’, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches etc. is of no value until we are well familiarized with that ‘Energy’ which belongs to that ‘cosmic realm’ so the search or digging can not be carried out in the external world rather it has to be within our own and known boundary i.e. within the periphery of individual physicality – one’s body. But most people aren’t aware of this secret and that is why someone has expressed it so pessimistically –

Mandir Jaakar Insaan Nahi Khilta (Man doesn’t evolve by visiting temples)

Mantra jap kar Gyaan Nahi Milta (You don’t receive Ultimate Knowledge by reciting mantras)

Patthar To Log Isliye Poojtey Hain (People worship stone idols… )

Kyunki apne andar bhagwaan Nahi Milta (… because they are unable to find god within)

This poetic expressions may sound good but these are the expression of a person who has not known how to use the means and tools correctly. In all probability either he lost his patience bit too early (if he got the methods right) in his sadhana or he method’s weren’t available to him through his Master/Guru/Teacher/Guide or this person is simply being preachy. Whatever.. The truth is that mantras used with precision and diligence open the doorways within one’s being and help one experience the realms which are beyond sense-perceptions. And Vikram the technology of mantra essentially has this number 108.

In fact there are 108 major points or chakras within your own body (there are many many more chakras there not just 108!) which are like holes in your being where from you can peep into “cosmic realms”. And which 108 points shall be used in your Mantra recitation (application) is decided by the master or Guru as this choice is made by looking at your current level of spiritual evolution, state of karmic baggage you carry within your systems, the activity levels of chakras and also what are the best routes for you to travel through.

Above para may sound like blabbering or just a deflection technique on my part unless I elaborate on these chakras a bit. See! there are 7 chakras which most of people know about. These chakras are situated along the length of spine 6th and 7th being in the head region. But that is not all! There are 54 secondary chakras which constitute the base for existence of your pranamaya kosha (energy body). These secondary chakras are accept/absorb the raw energies and work as transformers to convert it into frequencies needed for different organs in the physical body. In addition there are many other points within the body which provide access to ESP and control over life as such (only if we aim at and have access to the methodologies of application of mantra in correct sequence). Right from Moolaadhaara to Sahasraara each major chakras has many minor chakras associated with them. For example if we take Moolaadhaara there are many other minor chakras like – Charchika Chakra, Siddha Yogeshwari Chakra, Roop Vidya Chakra, Shyama Chakra, Rudra Chakra, Siddha Chamunda Chakra. Siddha Lakshmi Chakra and so on.  In fact all of our body parts (inside organs included) have chakras located in them. Some people have misconception that there are 114 chakras only but that is not true. I can talk about every chakra in detail here but then Vikram you would say I am confusing you with books. (laughs)

But its not confusing at all. If you feel chakras is a word which has a mystical meaning and not relevant then reconsider your assumptions because in sanskrit language every word has a relevance, in fact each syllable of it.. here in word chakra; cha stands for pure, ka means fire (energy) and ra means containing or having. So chakra is simply a point in your body which possesses pure fire of consciousness. And contacting, triggering every chakra with the tool in hand (mantra) is the ritual of recital – literally. Don’t you think NOW that energizing these chakras (even if you don’t have any spiritual aspirations), especially those secondary chakras (which are root cause of our healthy existence) through a powerful mantra (for that matter any mantra given by a realized master or a master in the realized lineage is powerful mantra) a couple of time (54×2=108)? Doing this provides the practitioner not only a balanced, magnetic and energized personality it enhances one’s capacity to perceive beyond. In day to day life it means efficiency in action ultimately leading to perfection in action. A sutra which krishna give out in Gita – Yogah Karmashu Kaushlam. Old book again? (smiles) No, I leave it here.

Now you may be tempted to know and get the complete knowledge, the procedure of applying mantra in correct way. I am here to give you that but not on your conditions.. for I know what is suitable for you and what you are capable of. Yet one last word.. whether you have been initiated in a mantra by any guru or teacher even without complete knowledge of methodology of application mantra should be used with reverence, faith and utmost care. 108 means 108!

Whenever I shall have time and intentions, would give more information on 108 and even 1008, till then for all the seekers there is an open invitation to start their journey with Tattva Shakti Vigyaan.

Blessings from Masters..

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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2 Responses to What is significance of 108? Why can’t I chant mantra for as many times as I like..

  1. puneet says:

    Acharyaji, Thanks for all.

    In the initial phase all the initiated ones are asked to do chanting 108 times without being given with the detailed methodology of application. In my personal experience, no Guru tells how to use mantra in our body across the energy-centers (chakrs). Why?

    For that matter even advanced stage sadhakas don’t know how to use mantra effectively with the count of 108. Request you to consider revealing some of the secrets here or may be when TSV practitioners gather in the meet again.


  2. Beloved Puneet,

    Shall reply you elaborately in a separate post.


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