Say NO to Kapalbhati and Bhastrika!



Namaste Guruji,

I am a 28 yr old woman, doing surya namaskaras (2 rounds every day) followed by asanas (sarvangasana, bhujangasana, halasana ) and kapalbhati (5 mins) and anulom vilom (10-20mins), if I have time. The asanas were taught by a guru who used to come to my house.It has been around 6 months, since am doing it regularly. The kapalbhati pranayam has improved my digestion and hunger considerably, and helped me get rid of the gastric nature of my stomach. So i started doing it regularly with the surya namaskar.

Recently, I have started observing, that if I do yoga (kapalbhati) or jogging (I sometimes do this too) my hair fall is increasing. I suspect it is due to the heat produced by these activities. Should I leave doing kapalbhati pranayam and continue doing the asanas? In that case, what asana or pranayam should I do to keep my stomach healthy? Should I leave jogging?

I have now moved to the US, so I cannot meet or talk to my yoga guru. I found you as my solace. Please advise and forgive me, if I have done anything wrong.



i am 24 years old. i am very much stressed since 7 to 8 years. had a lot of problems with my education family and other mind is very unstable and i have a lot of mood swings and also lots of anxiety and depression. i started having diarrhoea 5 years back. it has increased a lot since 3yrs. i consulted various gastro doctors, ayurvedic and allopathic doctors . they diagnosed me of ibs irritable bowel syndrome diarrhoea type, but could not treat me.

later i consulted a few physiatrist. one of them said that i have ocd obsessive compulsive disorder and mainly bi polar disorder. he treated me treated with mood stabilizers and heavy sedatives. diarrhoea worsened with mood stabilizers and it was under control with sedatives. but the doasage was so heavy that i had problems with the medication itself. later i shifted to another physiatrist who said i mainly have anxiety and depression, he started me on antidepressants and also asked me to consult a gastro doctor. in the mean while i had lost a lot of weight and i had severe body and thigh pain due to weakness and excessive time in the toilet.

i was fed up of doctor hopping and was very depressed and felt like dying. later somebody suggested me of starting pranayam for stress related problem, i started with it. attended baba ramdev camps. i felt much better immediately after doing pranayam and my diarrhoea almost vanished the very next day. i was amazed.i used to do bhaktisar anulom vinolom kapalbhati for 5 and 10 10 minutes each. and later prouduced the humming noise after taking a deep breath for 10 minutes each. but the evening i missed it i used to have the problem with diarrhoea the very next day.

i am also addicted to smoking which has increased a lot coz i dont know what to do. i am almost home stuck. i quit smoking and did pranayam twice daily for 5 days. now i have severe headache mental clouding and diarrhoea has also increased. i used to feel very light headed and fresh and calm immediately after pranayam. now the effect is opposite. i also underwent taildhara treatment for 7 friend told me that it could be because of wrongly doing pranayam or doing it without preparation. i also read your article and i am very much convinced. please help me and guide me as to what i should do. i have stopped pranayam but still no use. even after a jog my mind gets clouded. i need your blessings and advise. please guide me. and is it possible for me to consult you in personal. waiting for your reply..



Guru Ji,

I am doing practice of prayanam in morning after bath. Below are details –

Kapalbhati – 3 min
Anulom Vilom – 3 min
Ujjai – 6
Om chanting – 5
rubbing the hand and putting on eyes

I am doing Ujjai as I am suffering from hypothyroid.

This schedule is suggested by Baba Ram dev ji!

After practice for a month I am getting tingling sensation at back on my head and its increasing day by day, seems like going on top of head.Sometime in day my concentration goes towards it and I get worried.

Please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.



Please answer my question –

i am doing this kapalbhati by seeing it on TV as demonstrated by baba ramdev, but i am confused that whether am i doing it correct or not?

i am not able to concentrate in my studies,,and if i stop doing this kapalbhati then i am fully able to concentrate in my studies,

please can u fully explain me the procedure of kapalbahti, as baba ramdev just says to throw the air out.. but after doing this i am sure that this pranayam is not at all easy as it looks.

i have noticed that after doing it , the co relation between eye movement and brain functioning if we read some thing gets mismatch, and we are unable to study properly, Please help me out, i had called patanjali yog peet as well , there yogachara are also saying that, just throw the air out and the stomach will move of its own,,if this much simple it is then why i am not able to it? why i started lacking in my studies? please answer shall i continue with this or shall i leave it permanentely?



Beloved Himanshu, Vani, Yash, Surya and others..

Before replying to your questions let me throw some light on why Yoga should be taken up systematically as prescribed in the authentic yoga books and what kind of negative effects can start flashing and manifesting in your body if you skip the system.

First of all Yoga is a serious subject and pranayama is even more serious.. because it deals with the breath.. something which is your life and supplier of energy to your being. Breath is the cause of every activity in your body.. to put it in perspective i must say that ‘We do not breathe because we are alive.. rather we are alive because we breathe”.  

Breath is the root cause of our life. It is force behind every single activity within out body. It is the fulcrum on which life rests. When a child is born all  attempts are made so that she can start breathing because if she doesn’t… life can not sustain itself in her body. The child breaths and life is started.

You go on breathing till you can till someday you have no strength to breathe further and this body becomes unusable for the consciousness to stay in… that is death. All the life-support systems are about somehow keeping your breathing on.. that is the reason when someone’s breathing capacity is diminished we put him on ventilators.. The first point I am trying to make is that breathing is synonymous with life. Next would be to understand how life is connected to the way we breathe i.e. our breathing rate and style of breathing.

If breathing is what keeps us going then logically its strength, frequency and quality should also be affecting us.. in fact it does and that is THE DISCOVERY of ancient Yoga Masters. No one has studies about breathing as such and as much as Indian seers have. So much so that they have come up with the whole lot of breathing patterns to help us in achieving the ultimate objective of our life : atma-saakshaatkaar, seeing the – TRUTH. A whole system has been designed by those seers to enable us to become centered and be able to control the flow of prana in our system so that our level of our perceptions are improved and consciousness elevated. This noble system of raising our consciousness has been referred to as Yoga, of which Pranayama is just an important and integral part of. But each one of you should keep in mind that when those Rishis, Yoga Masters suggested these techniques their focus was on elevating the consciousness and taming the mind rather than nourishing the body and defying death for they very well knew – death to this physicality (body) is inevitable. Death can be postponed but not ruled out. Moreover their deeper understanding of life and its nature.. their knowledge of soul’s journey made them focus on the end rather than the means. Albeit their system does nurture body and improves it’s health and longevity but one must keep in mind that YOGA’s the focus is not the body. Needless to say.. Yoga has been reduced to being a health-capsule by many contemporary Asanacharyas and Pranayamacharyas.. (I am not sure whether they deserve to be called even that or not.)

Back to your questions – If you are feeling discomfort or disease in your body your breathing pattern would change. Yoga says.. change the breathing pattern and you can induce discomfort and diseases you like. Healthy, natural, rhythmic and effective breathing would bring in health, immunity, strength and energize your system. It postulates and rightly so that breath is the only driver of life-force in our body… meaning thereby.. our heart will pump the blood in a particular way, our organs will function in a particular way, our nervous system and endocrine system will tune itself according to the pattern of our breathing. That is the direct reason why just by changing the breathing pattern brings about so many changes in your physiology, psychology and abilities. However it also says (WARNS) that before you start forcing control on your breath it is important you prepare your body and its elements for the same.

So, the first common answer to all of you is – Focus on preparatory steps rather than pranayam itself. For your information – Nadi-Shodhan is the preparatory step for Pranayams and before Nadi-Shuddhi is achieved no other pranayama should be taken up.

Secondly, those who are smoking, eating all sorts of nonsense and junk food should note that much before nadi-shoddhi, aahaar shuddhi and vichaar shuddhi is also needed. One can ignore vichaar shuddhi in initial phases but in advanced stages of pranayams your feelings, desires and focus plays a very important role however when one proceeds with Yoga systematically vichaar shuddhi will eventually follow. Yet there are ground rules described in Yama & Niyama to which any Yoga practitioner should try to adhere as much as one can.

Second general advice to you is – STOP practicing Kapalbhati and Bhastrika immediately.

Third advice to each one of you that read other articles which have been written on this subject here or on other authentic resources before continuing with your practices. Always check what ancient, vedic and Yogic Literature has to say about a thing (element) of Yoga rather than what any Guru (even I) or site says about it.

Lastly – if you are suffering from a medical condition – first choice should be medication.. not breathing.

And if you wish to learn Yoga in person and are ready to dedicate your time and resources for the same find out an authentic teacher (ask about his system, read about its origin and reference books etc. before taking a decision to pursue one) and learn in person. Sacred Association is also planning to organize residential courses in Yoga early next year in Khajuraho (MP), if you are interested you can write at for details.

For those who are in and around Delhi – they can check out the dates and timings of upcoming Tattva Shakti Vigyaan workshops in Delhi. There you can get introduced to the basic Yoga practices, rules of the game and much more. If you are in US then also no issues.. there are Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners and Yoga Teachers of Sacred Association to help you, just write about it.

If you still wish to pursue kapalbhati and bhastrika of babas and Internet Gurus..

God bless you!

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

Removal of toxins from body and Nadi-Shuddhi is MUST before attempting pranayama..


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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