The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 1:28 – 1:30

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र ||


Before resuming this journey with Srimad Bhagwadgita; I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr ,  my Vidya Guru, Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji and all compassionate Masters of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance once again..


प्रथमोSध्यायः… (Continued 1:28 – 1:30)


Lovely Souls,

I salute to the divine seated in your heart!

So, Krishna has placed the chariot in the middle of both the armies and Arjuna sees various warriors of the army on the other side. Here happens a moment of truth for Arjuna and as an ordinary human he says..

“O Krishna! Seeing my kinsmen standing with a desire to fight, my limbs fail and my mouth becomes dry. My body quivers and my hairs stand on end. My bow, Gandeeva slips from my hand and also my skin intensely burns.” (1:28-29)

Here you see the greatest of warriors, Arjuna quivering because his mind is trembling not only with the thought of killing his own kinsmen, relatives, brothers and in-laws. There is another reason too. In this world relatives of one are supposed to be one’s strength. It is human psychology, arising of man’s perennial herd instinct. Since million of years human race has been living in groups. These groups fought with other groups for survival issues or supremacy. Higher the number, more the stronger people in the herd one belonged to, the stronger each of herd member felt. In fact personal (individual) strength of a person is not as important as his collective strength comprising of everyone he can arrange to stand by his side. Doesn’t it happen? If someone has a high ranked police officer, a politician, a well known business man in one’s relation he feels himself to be strong. And what would happen if these relative of yours stand against you in the war.. whole psychological support system of yours would collapse. It is not that Arjuna is not having a strong army with him but somewhere his fear is rooted in seeing his own men, his own relatives whom he would have wanted to see by his side, standing against him. These are the people whom he trusted, loved and related to. These are the people whom he considered his strength sometime back… they are up in arms against him. He is already feeling weak… then next moment comes the idea of killing these own men.. further makes him weak and anxious.

In this state his conditioned mind rebels and sends out distress signals to body. He feels as if his skin is aflame. His mouth is dried up. His hands get so weak that he start losing grip of his great bow, Gandeev. He forgets the strength of his divine armaments. He is not able to think even a bit in the direction of taking them on in the battle despite holding a weapon like Gandeev.

Gandeev was not simply a bow, it was  jewel of a bow that was endued with great energy. It was known to be the enhancer of fame and achievements. This weapon was incapable of being injured by any other weapon. In fact Gandeev was the chief of all weapons and the grinder of them all. Gandeev was the great smiter of hostile armies and adorned with 100 strings it was alone equal to one lakh bows. Arjuna was holding a bow which was made by brahma himself and known as the multiplier of kingdoms. A weapon which was always worshipped both by the celestials and the Gandharvas. Now having such a weapon in hand and a lion-heart, highly accomplished warrior like Arjuna is trembling like a dry leaf in the storm; because his mind has become fearful and weak. Why? Because, he was witnessing the unexpected, something which he never imagined and hoped for. And he further tells..

“My head turns, I am unable to stand steady..” 

Arjuna is not only experiencing all this he is also aware of it all. His closeness and honesty towards Krishna is visible in these verses. Most of you face drastic situations in life but what is the difference between you and Arjuna? Arjuna is capable of observing his reactions minutely. He is describing it honestly and accepting his weakness. Any warrior of such caliber, who never turned his back to his enemies, won every competition, every battle he fought could have hidden his inner turmoil but Arjuna is honest.

Every person who wishes to receive Gita from the universal Master, the inner Krishna of conscience needs learn to be honest first. In the honesty there is a possibility of growth, discovery and enlightenment. It is the honest men, Krishna speaks to literally and metaphorically both.

More later..

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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