Dhari Devi – The Sacred force behind Kedarnath tragedy!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

It has been nearly eleven years, when I, for the first time visited Dhari Devi Mandir in Srinagar, Uttarakhand. Our driver started to share stories about the temple. Many people had experienced the divinity of the place. The presence of Shakti was prevalent there. Dhari devi is one of the Shakti peeth and the deity is believed to be guardian deity of Uttarakhand. The journey towards Dhari Devi was completely intriguing filled with talks about various miracles of the goddess.

Our Driver told that people come from far away places to visit the shrine and get their wishes fulfilled. When the wishes are fulfilled they come again and tie a bell in the temple. It is a way to show gratitude to Ma who takes care of all her children. Unlike most of the shakti peethas here the mandir is situated in a valley and reaching there is quite easy…

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About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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