Impact on Sadhana due to bodily changes and lunar phases

Duality within

Duality within

Every small step indicates progress in journey, and every single day of Sadhana brings us closer to our ultimate goal while we relish the serenity and divine fragrance of the path. Continuous and focused effort is put by Sadhak to attain the state he yearns for and a practitioner (Sadhak) has to be aware about his/her feelings and thoughts, correcting and aligning them with the purpose as it is rightly said that living a spiritual life and walking towards spiritual attainment  is like walking on razor’s edge.

Not many people realize but this journey in fact is so very challenging for a female practitioner (Sadhika) as she has to overcome the ordeals given out by her own physical body till certain point in life. And this is not a usual thing! A Sadhika also needs to learn to tame the impact of turbulence which hormones create within her and not once this is a havoc on monthly basis. This may come really heavy on the peace created during the moments of intense Sadhana. It takes only small trigger in these mensuration days to rob her off all the serenity and internal harmony which she could achieve through utmost patience and penance. In fact being completely aware of relative significance during those moments gets difficult as the brain is getting affected directly. Most of the Masters, they themselves being male are probably not able to empathize with this challenge of female practitioners in general and not much is written about the subject. It is probably a notion that Sadhika does not (may be they mean – should not) get affected by such tidal, explosive, high-energies. They presume male of female it hardly makes a difference and that women should be able to handle it however it is not the reality. I can say so because I have experiential learning for myself through years long Tantra practices with my beloved consort, Master AD. Master himself makes it clear “Male and female bodies (i.e. mind-body complexes) are altogether different playground for the consciousness carrier. Each having its own limitations and advantages.” A Yogini, a practitioner or Sadhika can definitely handle these days without falling victim of her own energies and bio-chemistry.. BUT only, if she prepares herself for it.

If you aren’t aware of this fact then let me tell you that during olden times, the women were kept (i am sure they themselves made conscious choice and knew WHY behind it) completely isolated and were even barred of talking to anyone. It must be sounding strange to you, but it surely helped them in keeping a situational deterrent over themselves. And even if this was a forced call, a social compulsion to shut themselves in an isolated room for 5 days it was driven by a noble motive. People believed that by isolating them the problems arising out of emotional outbursts, illogical logic, irritability etc. would not be split over others. I personally don’t endorse this method however if nothing else works…. I have come across many females who complaint of not being in control of their thoughts, feelings and even actions during or prior to mensuration cycle and they admit that their such irrational and hyper behaviour puzzles and creates difficulties for related people too. Interestingly women generally know that they should not be doing what they are doing but feel helpless. Its like some power is taking away your conscious choices from you and making you do something else. We may suggest that every woman who goes through such a phase should be doing some calming meditations and relaxation exercises as a rule but believe it or not they mostly would not actually be able to do, especially in these times. The focus no more remains on calming down as internal disturbing thoughts and painful, awkward bodily signals become too too strong and intense to be ignored.

There is another aspect or influence which affects female practitioners is the phases of moon. It has been known to Masters and now been researched subject – the full moon phases also add up to the woes of females more that males. The waxing moon may seem to be problematic to some females undergoing menopause. Even men get affected by this celestial event yet it has more profound or even devastating impact on women.

It may seem that I am only narrating the problems and amplifying the challenges to a horrifying degree but remember we can solve a problem or issue only when we recognize and acknowledge it. All Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) practitioners (male or female) who feel everything is hunky-dory and that no external or internal factors affect their state of being it is my advise to monitor themselves for their emotional irritability, ability to relax and let go, intensity of anger or sadness, disturbing pattern of mind during sadhana for 12-16 weeks. Keep a diary – you can start from today. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for the said pointers. It will get clearer to you which days in a cyclic manner are low-days. This is mandatory exercise for everyone (though more relevant for female practitioners) who wishes to understand one’s own self deeply and wishes to mitigate the challenges and obstacles posed by these low days. I can assure you this will lead you to understand the reasons behind why you have been handling your emotions, situations, issues in a peculiar way on certain days. This exercise shall set the stage for remedial action. With the permission of Master I shall take up the solution part and elaborately discuss on any individual issues after 16 weeks from now. I expect you shall start the monitoring from next week.

Once again I remind you that if you have not been able to view yourself correctly, understand your patterns of mind, rhythms of your hormonal secretions, impact of celestial movements you will be having lesser control over your on self. So it is very crucial to understand if things seem to go out of control off and on and Sadhana sometimes seem to give shallow experiences and so on … you need to explore and understand your deeper layers of mind-body complex. For a Sadhika it is especially important and crucial both, to keep the tab on her energy waves continuously. So if you are one of that Sadhika who struggles to overcome these factors in life, take this up without fail. I can assure you that once your monitoring chart is ready, your cycles are known we can help you so that your Sadhana is not hindered and your spiritual journey is not hindered by these bodily and celestial factors.

Blessings from Masters..


– Ma Shakti Devpriya


About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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