Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – A way to create balance between the inner and outer nature

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Lovely Soul,

Divine salutations to you!

The nature as it is perceived is outer world yet this very word defines the inner as well and rightly so because there is no difference whatsoever between the two. This body i.e. microcosm is both, the exact replica and subset of external universe at the same time. A practitioner who has undertaken Tattva Shakti Vigyaan not only appreciates this wisdom intellectually but its experiential for him/her.

In this article in Dharm-kshetre of Daily Hindustan (Hindi), 4th of Septemebr’2012 our Beloved Master mentions that Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is that bridge which connects, creates unison and balances the elements of inner nature by tapping the infinite  reservoirs of elemental energy.

To read the article online you can go to http://paper.hindustantimes.com/epaper/viewer.aspx or click on the image above for getting enlarged view of clipping.

Happy reading..


– Ma Shakti Devpriya

About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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2 Responses to Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – A way to create balance between the inner and outer nature

  1. Maria lloyd says:

    From Param Shiva let us come to universal manifestation; let us have a look at this creation of Lord. Kashmir Shaivism postulates 36 categories or “tattvas” to explain the process of cosmic evolution. Let us keenly focus our attention to this process of universal evolution or universal experience, i.e., from God hood to Maya Shakti which is the veiling or obscuring force of nature leading to various psycho – physical elements and finally the Panch Mahabhutas – five great elements : Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Let us look further into this great descent or the process of in-evolution, i.e. from God-hood to Man-hood.

  2. KN says:

    Read this article with great enthusiasm…Needless to say, had I read this before meeting acharya, it would have felt like a plain talk… just like the vedic hymns which make no sense to many.

    Now, when I put my palms on prithvi and feel my palms throbbing against her and seek her blessings, I know what acharya means… like he implies, there is a need of a first level training only to understand such words in its proper perspective…its not drab and nonsense…but that will be realized after a firsthand experience of the same…

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