My Master Strongest!!! still I wander here and there..

|| Let your Guru be your Guiding Principle ||

Beloved souls,

I have seen people want to KNOW more rather than engaging themselves in Practices or Sadhna and EXPEREINCE more. This happens because of lack of self-discipline and dedication towards the path someone chooses for oneself. I am not against asking questions but what happens with most of people is that they try picking up certain clues and hints and try those things with their exhisting Sadhana. This is injurious as well as such process of bastradization of any intrinsic method leads to failure in your Sadhana. People dont succed because they try to dig well and instead of sticking to digging at the same-place for long enough they think they might be digging at a wrong place and there would probably be no water beneath and the proceed to some othe place to repeat the process. This is totally wrong attitude. You will never succeed in any sadana unless you devote your 100% in that. No well has ever been dug without having spent sufficient time and effort to one decided SPOT.

Many people keep interacting with me wherever they get opportunity and one such chat recently with a casual seeker is really interesting one. The identity has been withheld for annonimity yet the discussion you would see comes from a confused mind. I know out of 100 98 people would be those who keep wandering despite taking a vow or sankalpa to follow a path or a Master/Guru. Sometimes people do this to assess what their own gurus must be hiding from them as of now.. but You should remember, Master knows what to be told to you and at what time. When you will be ready he will come to you to give you what you need so why wander.

Read on –

NS: Atma Pranam acharya ji, Aap Ye kiska aagya chakr jagrit kar rahe ho? (looking at the profile picture he is asking whose Third Eye Chakra I’m unblocking)

AD: Shivoham Beloved NS

NS: How r uuuuuu? Muje mera aagya chakr jaagrit krna hai….. Or sahsrar chakr bhi….. (I want to activate my Third Eye Chakra and also Crown Chakra)

AD: Why do you feel you are through with other chakras?

NS: Hindi me Likho (Write in hindi)

AD: OK. Aap ko aisa kyun lagta hai ki aap ke baki chakra jagrit hain… Aur haan.. Badon ko ‘likho’ nahi.. ‘likhiye’ kaha jata hai 🙂 (Why do you feel all other chakras of yours are already activated. Also that you should use language respectfully with others..)

NS: Oooooo…..soryyy

AD: No sorry.. mujhe bura nahi laga.. par kisi aur ne bura maan liya to aap ke liye achcha to nahi kar sakta na. OK, bataiye. (No sorry. I don’t mind but if you use the same language with someone else he would not think good of you and abstain from doing good to you. Alright, now you tell)

NS: Its okkkk. Kyuki me dhyan krta hu or muje feel hota hai ki baki chakro me spanadan hota hai Muje yogi banna hai Yogi n ki yog guru ( Because when when i meditate i feel other chakras are vibrating)

AD: achcha.. good.

NS: Yaaa Achha bataiye ki sahsrar kese jaagega Or aagya ckr bhi (OK, tell me how do i activate Crown Chakra & Third eye as well)

AD: internet par bahut jaankari mil jayegi… aur mujhe lagta hai aap ne padh bhi liya hoga.. fir baaki chakra jaise jaagrat kiye hain vase ye dono bhi kijie Naresh ji. (You will get plenty of information on internet and i feel you would have already read about it over there. So the way you have activated other chakras, activate these two also)

NS: Nahi padhaaaaa (I did not read)

AD: 5 chakra aap ne jaagrat kar liye.. not small thing! (You have activated 5 chakras, its not small thing!)

NS: Nahi, Are aap kuchh gaid kre (No, Please guide me) Jaagrit nhi hue matr virbretion hota h Vibretion (Not activated but just feel vibrations)

AD: i understand. How do you meditate? Sorry.. Aap meditation kaise karte hain? kya karte hain aap usme? Aur meditation ke alaawa kya karte hain.. zara vistaar se bataiye. (What do you do in meditation and what you do apart from doing meditation, please elaborate)

Aur prashn poochne ke liye ek platfrom diya gaya hai aap sabhi ko. wordpress par login karke.. par jaaiye.. aur prashn pooch lijiye.. aap ko to uttar milega hi.. aur bahut se logon ka bhala hoga.. utar padh kar (And, Sacred assocation has given a platform for asking questions. Go to and ask your question freely. You will get answer at the same time many people will benefit upon reading the answer)

NS: Ok.. Phle exrsice pir sury namskar fir aasan fir pranayam fir om ka uccharan fir dhyan or fir man ke bhavo ko dekhta hu jab me bhavo ka darsta hota hu to bhav shant ho jjate h or man parmatma me lin ho jaata h sab or shanti chha jaati hai (I do following things in sequence – exercise, Suryanamaskar, Pranayam, Om chanting then Meditation. In meditation i witness the thoughts arising in the mind. When i do so the thoughts disappear and my mind gets absorbed in Supreme, The God. I feel immense peace around.)

AD: ab kya bacha? parmantme me man leen ho gaya.. to bacha kya? (What is left now? When your mind gets absorbed completely in God then whats to be achieved?)

NS: Ha ha Nothing. Sab kuchh jaan liya (Ha ha ha.. Nothing. I have known everything)

AD: Naresh ji.. fir chakr ke chakkar me kyun? (Then why this crazy search for getting to know HOW to activate chakras?)

NS: Jaan liya hu shant niranjan lagu muje n koi bandan (I learnt that i am The pure soul.. there is no bongage)

AD: Aap ne to already parmatma me leen hone ki kala me praveenta haasil kar li hai! (You have mastered the method of being one with Supreme!)

NS: Vo to hai. Mere guruji ki kirpa se (Yeah.. thats true. All this due to grace of my Guruji)

AD: Aapke guruji ko shat-shat naman. Kaun hain vo aur kahaan darshan labh dete hain? (I bow down to the divinity in your Guruji. Where does he dwell?)

NS: Sbhi jagh h aap me muj me sab me..or sarvtr h (He is everywhere. In me, in you.. omnipresent)

NS: Chkro ko purn rup se kese jaagrit krte h btao… (please tell..How do we ignite & completely activate the chakraks)

AD: Apne Guruji se aadesh liya hai ki kisi aur se poochho is bare me? (Have you taken permission from your Guru to take advice in this regard?)

NS: Ya

AD: par unhon ne nahi sikhaya tumhe to iske peechhe koi kaaran hoga.Ya to aap abhi us laayak nahi ho.. ya fir unhe is bare me gyaan nahi hoga. (But if he did not tell you about awakening the Third Eye & Crown Chakra.. there must be some reason. Either you are not eligible for that as of now or he can not take you any further)

ND: Meri aatma hi mera guru h kyuki bahr ke guru ka aashra tb tk jb tk samaj n jge (My soul is my Guru. External Guru is needed untill true knowledge doesn’t descend)

NS: Are unhe jo gyaan h vesa gyaan bharat me sayad hi kisiko ho Puran brhmnist h vo Brhmgyaan ki antim stage ko bhi jinhone par kr liya h Saksat sarir dhari iswr Is dharti pr iswr ka saksat darsan krna ho to unhe dekh lo Puran parmatma h vo Jinke darsan matr se janm janm ke dhukh chinta bhy pida mit jaati h Or jag ke ladle h vo Or puran yogi bhi h (His knowledge is par excellence and there would be hardly anyone in India who can match him. He is a complete Brahminist and he has crossed the last stage of “Supreme-Knowledge”. He is a walking God. If you wish to see God just see him.)

NS: Jimke pas jo yog bal h uski barabri bhi sayad koi kr paae (My guru has incomparable Yog-Shakti)

AD: aap ki chinta kyun hai fir? yehi baat kam samajh me aati hai ki ek aise guru ke hote hue aap duniya me bhatak rahe hain.

(Your revered guru is capable and a great teacher then why should you worry? I am unable to understand that when you have such a learned and Tapasvi Guru, why are you wandering in the world around.)

NS: Mene just aapse u hi puchh liyaaaa (I casually asked you… did not mean it.)

AD: Ab sahi kahaa aap ne. Aap ne aise hi pooch liya.. (You told me the truth Now! You asked me casually.)

NS: Are sir aap bura mt mnna (Sir, please don’t mind.)

AD: Par Beloved NS, aise hi poochne ka jawaab jaroori nahi hota hai. [:)] (.. Bu beloeved NS, No compulsion on me to reply casual questions.)

NS: Muje aadytmik log pasand h or unse bat krna bhi (I like spiritual people and i like speaking with them)

NS: Aap bta to do (You please tell how to do.)

AD: aadhyatmik log baat kam karte hain.. aur sirf matlab ki baat karte hain. Unhe aatm-chintan se fursat kam hi milti hai. (Siritual people talk less.. and they talk only as much as required because they don’t get spare time due to engagement with self-contemplation and god-contemplation)

NS: OK Sir

AD: aur aap bhi aadhyatmik vyakti hai.. is liye aap ke hriday mandir me ek jyoti nishchay hi prakaashit hoti hogi. Use prajjwalit rakhein. Iske liye behtar hai ki aap guru par vishwaas rakhein aur guru-pradatt sadhna karein.. idhar udhar apna samay mat vyarth karein. Jo chahte hain sab hoga. Aur haan.. kisi se bhi aise hi.. chalte-chalte aise gambhir vishyon par prashn na hi karein to behtar. (You are also as spiritual person and your heart would also be glowing with a spiritual light within. Guard that flame. Its better for you that you have faith in your Guru and continue with the practices given by your Guru. ANd yes! one thing more.. do not ask casually to anyone on such serious subjects.)

NS: OK sir..

AD: Shivoham


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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