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There are a lot of age old spiritual believes and other practices that are carried from one generation to another in a family. They are transferred from one generation to another. Many people likingly or unlikingly pass them on. Although many of them are unscientific, yet they are passed on and on. Following these practices many a times clashes with the intellect of the individual and not following them brings unhappiness to the family. How much essential and important should it be for an individual to follow them so that peace and happiness within the family is not hampered?

In Love and Light

– Komal

Dear Komal,

Before I answer the questions I call upon the guiding energies of my beloved, Master AD and connect to the feminine side of my being.

You ask  “How much essential and important should it be for an individual to follow them so that peace and happiness within the family is not hampered?”

See! The moment we take a conscious decision of entering a family as its member we are not only connecting to the people but also to their beliefs, thoughts and karmas. For common people we have Lokaachaar and shishtaachaar. These are the part of norms which sustain social fabric, family being the smallest unit of this large network. These not only sustain the social structure but also allow people to interact with each other in more cooperative way. While these are not mandatory for us to follow it is better we carry on with these even if our logical, scientific mind doesn’t seem to approve it. However its essential you don’t forget your true self because that is where lies the power to generate happiness for self and others. Do not dispel such rituals.. the best alternate is to keep discussing with elder members of family with love and respect. More often than not such discussions open avenues for better proximity and understanding each other. Keep the connection of communication open. That ensures there is a free flow of energy and otherwise the energy gets stagnated and creates blocks on various levels.

Once again for better clarity – If there are some rituals and beliefs which are you feel have no scientific basis or your intellectual self does not accept them, you can still just get involved to respect the age old practices and not accept it. This is what family is all about – An understanding, empathy and love-filled compromises at times.

How much is vaastu essential for peace, prosperity and progress?
My in-laws believe in bhandaar kona which they keep at the back side of the house. And all the pujas in the house are done after establishing the family deity there. To me it was strange as I believe in omnipresence of GOD. Does these things really matter in the eyes of GOD? Does practicing them makes good karmas or bad karmas for us?

In Love and Light

– Komal

Komal, Vaastu, Feng-Sui and all such external aids are just aids for those who are devoid of powerful energy-fields of their own. Moreover Vastu is not the science to elevate you spiritually. It is only a means to guide you on what are suitable places and directions for certain activities in your house. This is based on two basic things – One is Earth’s magnetic field and second – movement of Sun and Air. It really doesn’t have much influence on your spiritual development. The most interesting thing to understand is that the Laws of one level are overruled by next level. The human life is not as dependent on anything as on its own radiance and power. Your inner core when illuminated even partially starts producing a glow, radiance, an energy field which nullifies all such minor energy obstacles (if at all around).

Just like when sun appears on the horizon the tiny stars disappear from the sky and even the moon’s radiance is overpowered by it similarly when you light up your inner flame all such tiny external energy influences fade-away. These become insignificant and immaterial. Your elements within your Annamaya & Pranmaya Kosha need to vibrate in synch and in balanced state to be able to generate a radiant energy field so better work on it.

Master AD always says “when people say God is omnipresent- it is just a belief. It has no value unless someone realizes it.” You are rightly saying that you believe in omnipresence of God. What is difference in you or your mother-in-law? Based on your belief you are ready to place an Idol at main gate, boundary wall, outside in the lawn or even toilet whereas she has belief that God’s Idol should be placed at a particular location in home. Let her believe in what she thinks right and that too without feeling offended while you stay on your journey of making your inner flame ablaze.

For the answer to your question on whether it adds to good or bad Karma – I would like to quote master’s words again “Anything done with a selfish motive adds to negative Karma. Anything done in service (be it in the service of mankind, animal or plant kingdom – without expecting any return out of it) is positive Karma. Remember positive karma doesn’t mean you will be rewarded with money, comforts or longevity – it is all about pushing you higher in your journey towards the ultimate destination – your abode.” I am sure you can decipher it in your case as well and be a true Sadhika.

Love & Light

– Ma Shakti Devpriya

About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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1 Response to Our inner light is brighter than everything else

  1. komal says:

    Thank you a lot Ma Devpriya for enlightening me on such vital questions of my life.
    Your explanation to both of my questions are vivid and lucid. Yes, I understand the meaning of the ultimate destination as written by you. 🙂

    In much love and light


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