Do not lose heart – God loves you!

Beloved AD,
I am an engineering student.The thing is that for the past 1 year a lot of things happened in my life which has changed my whole outlook towards life. I can clearly see that only cause of misery is attachments and desires,pleasures are futile and only cause pain in the long run. I was smoking all sorts of crap and excessively masturbating for 6 months it messed me up like anything all though nothing happened to my so called friends who were doing the same .I was extremely depressed and around the same time my girlfriend said she was not interested in me anymore so that pushed me deeper into depression.although my relationship with her was purely lustful,she was the only one to whom i really talked. I dont have very good relationship with my parents ,its like a formal relationship. at that time i realised all this that only cause of my pain were my attachment to my girlfriend ,my body,my so called looks etc and indulging in such futile momentary pleasures.For the past 6 months i have been trying really hard to redeem myself out of that state.i can say that i am now quite stable. Now i can see that the life everyone is leading is so meaningless. i cant lead the so called path the society has pre defined. every relationship is just a ego trip including parents. i dont see that i am morally obliged to help any one or support any one even my parents or i have any duty towards this i dont feel like doing anything, i dont even feel like studyin all i was trying to do is trying to be someone.millions of people have lived before me and millions will after me. even the desire to be some one has died.all i do these days is read spiritual stuff .i feel like running to the himalayas and live there till i die. please help me .             – A.C

|Smile – God is always with you|

Beloved AC,

I dont need to remind you that you are loved unconditionally by the one who has created you – the God!

Your disinterest in life and so called vairagya seems to be arising out of pain and misery. It is good bothways whether vairagya comes after really going through the pains yourself or just intelligently taking lessons from see others sufferring.

The world is definitely impermanent, transitory but that does not mean it has no purpose in itself. The sole purpose of a soul coming here is its desire to grow, evolve and learn lessons. Unfortunately as soon as you enter in this world you forget your resolve and your purpose and thats why you struggle your way out in the search of something else..

It is time you congratulate yourself for still surviving the shock and series of events.. but this would be superficial if you are not able to forgive people around you for whatever they did – wrong or right comes later. They are what they have chosen to.. and if you, your growth, your mission becomes victim of someone else’s decision you are choosing a slavery. Its better to be the master of your life rather than giving the steering and controls to someone else. Mind you if you do not have a plan you are most likely to fall in someone else’s plan and what they have planned for you – Nothing! Hope this rings the bell.. and you become interesed in your own life, cheris and apreciate it’s purpose rather than being at the mercy of few sweet words, smiling looks, sweaty warm touches and assurance of being together. Not because these are not the part of your learning and experience but because if you get obsessed with these you are creating bondage for you and the ultimate purpose of life is Love – Purest love. Mostly love is missunderstood by the word “Desire” but the same love when comes out of a greater understanding of each other’s psyche and need of soul rather than body it fructifies itself and blossoms to spread the ever satisfying fragrance of completeness, abundance and freedom.

AC, you say you feel like refraining from all the activities which you are engaged in currently – and I ask for what? You can choose to give it a try for 3 days if you like but only when you have come out of this whimsy state of mine. You can refrain from all the productive activities and pleasures for just 3 days… may be 3 weeks but this is not the human nature to stay aloof.. sooner or later you will find yourself interested again in all these things, so why not take a decision right now. Change the attitude towards these activities – take them as your training ground and development because if you gain more now – you will be able to contribute in a better way to everyone around – Although you do not feel like even paying back to your parents who raised you. You are feeling so because your love-gates are shut as of now.. once they open you would again like to put smile on some faces around.

Keep in mind – God has not created the world and established himself on the 7th heaven after that. God has become this world. So if you really wish to experince GOD – just become open to the experineces – do not be choosy about pleasure and comfort – whatever comes your way on the persuit of your mission is His will.

Do one thing – try to connect to your surroundings in a more aware way and you will realize that nothing.. nothing in this world exists in isolation for it can NOT exist. Also also nothing is an end to itself. All are means to the end .. so learn to use your pain, pleasures and heartbreakes in more constructive way albeit that is possible only when you are in a balanced state of mind.

For achiveing that balance – you need to affrim first to yourself that you are here on a Mission. That mission is of self-actualization. (Mind it, I am not calling it Self-realization) and whatever you are currently engaged in – be it your studies or family/social obligations.. are the part of your training. Trainining and testing goes on hands in hands.. being a technology student you would appreciate what i am saying.

Take guidance from Ma Devpriya who shall further guide you on how to use power of symbols and visualization for coming out of this phase quickly. May you have further questions/queries or doubts, confusions you can definitely write back.

One last thing.. know that we love you.. and i will do every bit to see you smile back and take charge of life. Isn’t this a reason to smile now?


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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2 Responses to Do not lose heart – God loves you!

  1. nirajmohan says:

    Dear A.C,

    Cannot but smile at the fact that A.C rhymes in a way to AD, the beloved Master. What he writes is essentially true to every word, as much as words can carry the wisdom laden inside his being.

    I feel compelled to write because I have been there, seen that. I have seen the endless terrible suffering engineering students subject themselves to, such hedonism that I felt terrible and out of place for a couple of months. Yet, this is the litmus test that you must subject yourself to. A more deranged and yet intellectually stimulated crowd is hard ot find by. You might not be able to argue with them over the reason and meaning of life, for that requires an intuition that there is another basic reason for reincarnating. The minds corrupted by LaPlace and transistors and transformers won’t find it palatable to the seeming meaning of life that is intangible in a sense that it is beyond the five senses.

    This crowd is the embodiment of intellect gone awry. Intellect unleasing itself from the confines of souls and intuition. While this may seem nauseating to you now, remember you were the same a couple of weeks ago. As AD says, love unconditionally…let your chalice be so full of God’s love that pouring it onto these love-parched souls is easy.

    AD says, forgive – true because you yourself have been a weed junkie and a parent in some life. Unless God’s love pours unconditionally, these is no reprieve from the instinctual life that mostly is of an animal. This love flows to us through a Guru’s benevolence or maybe simply a series of distressing events that is a blessing in disguise, as has happened in your case.

    And parents are superemely reverable. You cannot read scriptures and yet remain oblivious of the fact that all of them ask you to worship them. It will be a sacrilege if you forsake them, for they have seen you through days when your knees and body failed you thoroughly. They might have expectations and worldly desires which they would like you to achieve. You may or may not become what they wish you to be, yet you have to be present as their solid support when they need you. In any case, we need to be tolerant towards people wrapped in illusions of maya – we are all bonded by that illusion at some level – and unless someone like an AD or a Guru extends a hand to help us clear the filth in which we are wallowing, there is no hope.

    I won’t write more. As AD says, you are in a danger of falling again in the same trap, try and seek guidance from Ma and AD. I am surviving several crises in my life by their and Gods grace.


  2. Devpriya says:

    AC replies on mail… as below-

    Beloved AD
    really thanks for the advice as you said ill be more aware of situations
    as they arise.I am extremely thankfull for all the past events of my
    life.i have no grudges against anyone.atleast it has opened my eyes .

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