Marketing & Consumerism decoded in the light of spirituality

(Below is the excerpt of a chat session of Acharya Ji with Vipin Tripathi. Vipin is holding an MBA degree and currently working with a multinational company in Delhi as Business Development Manager.)

Get up to your true purpose of life

|Why do you want more?|

VT: Acharya ji Pranam!

AD: Aap ki divyata to bhi Pranaam..

VT: I just wanted to discuss with you certain things.

AD: what are those? Tell me.

VT: No discuss bt questions..

AD: OK. Please ask. VT: What is Marketing?

AD: You are asking out of syllabus questions 🙂

VT: I know you know everythin. Plz say

AD: hmmm… in the sense you are speaking, knowing everything is not possible. What is possible is keeping the learning attitude. Being humble and keeping your cup empty. Bina apmaan ke gyaan nahi hota..

VT: mmm

AD: Ok, so your question is ‘what is marketing?’ Right?

VT: Yes Acharya ji

AD: Marketing is a methodology of convincing people that what they have is not sufficient.

VT: This is so true but really STRANGE definition. I have not read such a definition in any book. I am smiling..

VT: ok, how someone can sell things to people they don’t need.

AD: As I understand there are three negative and one positive motivator for selling anything.

VT: What are those?

AD: The three negative motivators are – Fear, Greed and Ego. You use one or more than one of these factors to make a sale. For example insurance agent will use fear as a tool. Mutual funds selling would capitalized on Greed and all exclusive, rare and expensive things are sold to people to boost their Ego.. convincing them that they would become unique once they possess such objects. Companies selling Fairness creams and cosmetics are using the same ploy…

VT: sooo true…. And what is that positive motivator?

AD: That positive motivator is empathy however selling based on only true positive motivator is rare and it requires mix of Ego factor there too. It is like motivating someone to do charity and buy something which will help someone other more than them.

VT: Yes. Right. But tell me what is your opinion on.. Should companies do marketing or not?

AD: Current race is mostly driven by desires rather than needs and marketing and advertising has played a very important role in this change of attitude. In fact this has happened in the last 40-50 years, especially in the eastern part of the globe. Marketing is a wrong technique because it aims at generating money at the cost of mass persuasion whether wrong or right.. beneficial or harmful over all. VT: What is wrong in selling things and generating money? AD: Nothing! Except whatever you generate you can not consume yourself. Also when you use marketing techniques you promote consumerism which is detrimental to environmental sustainability. Just for example people use paper napkins instead of handkerchiefs made of cloth. This one single habit may have destroyed millions of acres of forests by now. There are so many things to ponder upon… Moreover why sell or purchase things without which you can do.

VT: Do you mean to say comfortable lifestyle is a sin?

AD: There is no sin upon this earth.. any act’s fate of falling in the category of Sin or Virtue is purely contextual. But how do you differentiate between comfortable lifestyle and a lazy lifestyle? There is a self-centered cozy way of living life and there is also a possibility of consuming the needed and leave/distribute the rest among needy. If you engage excessively in living comfortable life you are deteriorating your other faculties because you are looking only for bodily comfort. Peace of mind, contentment and very precious positive feeling of growth and expansion are missed out. You need to redefine the “comfort” for some extended periods of comfort lead you to permanent discomfort in the form of certain diseases etc. To knowingly embrace what is feeling good to body without assessing how it would feel to the mind and soul… or a step further.. a thing which is comfortable to your mind would lead to which plane later.. is needed. It is not comfort which is needed what is needed most is joy and good bodily health and positive emotional state because body is just the outer covering of your being and it is supposed to not only stay in comfort but pass through various phases of stress, strain and toiling etc. All these are needed to be able to attain and appreciate comfort without any side-effects.

VT: Alright. But i would prefer knowing what is metaphysical angle in consumerism and acquisition of wealth or assets beyond the capacity of personal consumption?

AD: Vipin, the most important thing to know and appreciate the purpose of this life. There is no point preaching to people around that this human life has not been granted only for engaging in the pursuits of material (dead) acquisition. The more we become aware of our real composite structure of being we gain deeper understanding and knowledge of why we are as we are. The two outer layers of our existence are Physical body and Energy Body. The Physical body is made up on dead matter. The energy body is made up of subtle energy currents in our body, thus two primary demands of ours. First requirement is food (matter) and another one which originates from this body centric consciousness is acquisition of Property, Gold, wealth etc. (these too are dead matter). The second strong demand which originates from our energy body is of sensual pleasures. This body demands pleasant energy currents. All bodily pleasures are outcome of our use of sense organs in certain activities of our choices. When first primary need (of matter body) hunger is satisfied through food (through matter) the second body’s cravings take over and there is demand of entertainment, sensuality and sex. I can detail it at length but that may not be fully comprehended unless you are initiated in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan”. So keeping myself brief I would like you to know that since the soul is alive and it has its own aspirations and agenda (where you realize it or not) when it occupies this human Body and when people do not realize the purpose of their life they carry on instinctively – just like animals. Because animals also eats food, stores it (if capable of) and indulge in sex. Being human is to realize our true purpose of assuming this human body. And once the purpose is realized the action is transformed. The consumerism would drop dead if there is light of spirituality and knowledge of our true nature descends in your life. There is no other way..

VT: Hmm…

AD: Spiritually – Consumerism is animalistic, Morally – acquisition of wealth of anything beyond capacity of self-consumption is not only foolishness but criminal for you are stealing from other’s share. You are piling up things which come from nature resources and had you not done so these could otherwise helped so many to feed themselves. Scientifically you are overusing the energy of sun which earth is receiving – the only source of life on earth. When you deplete or destroy natural resources more rapidly than energy from sun can create it on earth you are on suicidal run because someday resources will be finished. So two things which I suggest are; one – people should use scientific means to reduce population explosion. That is a long term approach but it has its psychological side effects. People who don’t have families tend to miss on their holistic developments. The second suggestion is group living. People should come out of their traditional concept of family and start group living with greater acceptance towards each other. Such living would allow people to have a greater level of freedom, increased psychological satisfaction and also change their perspective about relationships. This group living is a vast subject and would require whole series of lectures and volumes of books to clarify people’s doubt and clear their apprehension. Those souls who are evolved enough to appreciate this idea of new age can pick this up and experiment. I know this experimentation will give another dimension to social existence of humans. This paradigm would be of freedom, shared living and shared responsibility of group offsprings. The time has come for it for those who are spiritually at a respectable level. Yet for commons and not so elevated ones only two methods are left there i.e. self-awareness and realization of true purpose of life and secondly using scientific discoveries to reduce, reuse and recycle apart from controlling the population explosion.

VT: Thanks Acharya ji. I am transported to another level of thinking. You have given too much food for thought. I know you have given too much of your precious time to me out of compassion and I once again bow down to you. Please bless me to be able to understand and comprehend completely what you have said 🙂

AD: Blessings are always there through my prayers for you and all..

VT: Shubhratri

VT: Yes one thing I attended introductory lecture on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan by Ma last week and would be joining the programme for first level deeksha.

AD: Good . Be there! Love & Light..


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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