I ‘sport’ Anna Hazare!

||Revolution.. Kraanti may demand this too.. Ready?||

Guru ji, What is your view on ‘Fast unto death’ of Anna Hazare against corruption?  Shall we support him?

– Amit

Beloved Amit, Let me declare first that I am against all sort of corruption.. not only the one which concerns money but dead against each single behaviour which originates from corrupt mind..

You should know that whenever we lose our spontenity and plan the expression of our hurt and negative emotions that is nothing but corruption to the core… Stay silent when it is happening and start crying and yelling when its alreadt over.  Such a behaviour originates from a greedy and fearful mind.

People would happily pay bribe to the clerk for getting their House-Tax saved and very next day support the cause “India against corruption” on facebook! They would silently watch a goon teasing a girl on the road and enjoy it too, next moment the same person shall forward an SMS on women-empowerment, Crime free society and so on…. 

But what else do you expect in the world’s biggest democracy called India where there is no political willingness to change the century old education-system.. the one which was given by British government.  We are seeing such state of this country today because of one prime reason – It is because of the way we educate our children and you are expecting a positive change in this education system by giving the task of transformation to a cunning and mentally bankrupt lawyer-cum-politician?

I read somewhere.. 

“We got FREE on 15th August’ 1947 – Since then we are doing what we wish”

This sentence is correct depiction of our FREEDOM!

The fear and greed – are two brothers which live by each other. If you conduct yourself out of greed you are bound to cross the boundaries of law and the you will either like to stay in fear or you will (if you have power or strength to do so.. which politicians, Government officials, Police and crominals) create fear of yours around.

Anna is fasting.. Fasting is constitutionally allowed form of peaceful-suicide. But what else than killing himself he can do? For that matter what else any other citizen of India can do to deal with these serpents in the political circle? They will bite you the moment you open your mouth… they shall inject their venom in and watch you die with a smile on their faces. 

You knew that you are not safe in your home, in the streets. But now you should have known that they can kill you even in Jail. The safety in police custody is a myth for you but reality for Kasabs, Afzals, Shakeels, Rajas, Kanimozhis and Kalmadis. The greater is the level of your corruption and crime, the higher is your political reach safer you are everywhere.. even on the roads. Who are you to demand safety? I know you are a sane, God fearing person.. aren’t you? Take my advice.. God won’t come down to interfere in your life.. and protect you, in fact he has never come so far in last few million years. God has no role to play in these worldly affairs and your suicidal decisions so its better to be Police-Fearing, Neta-fearing person instead.

I am telling you Amit, this place is not safe to raise your voice against the way country is being run… Anna has decided to remain without ‘anna’ (food) unto death. You must notice.. he has already made a choice.. Either Jan-Lokpal Bill or death.. he is 74 now already he can afford to die, can you? You can NOT support Anna..

Have you still not learnt your lessons right? Ramdev wanted country’s money to be declared as national asset.. And enthusiasts like you sat beside him, surrounded him in the Ramleela Ground to support this noble cause. I am not sure if you saw those clippings of Rawan-leela in the Ramleela ground in which Policemen were shown brutally jumping on already half-dead (by their tear-gas bombings) bodies of fallen people. This happened because they supported the cause..  if you did not see those scenes.. first watch them on youtube or somewhere then only make up your mind for suicide.  Above all why do you want to be spotted by police and politicians.. while rest of 100+ crores of people in this coutry are silent. You can also just wait and watch!

Had your house been on fire you wouldn’t have waited to get the answer from me on the issue. You would surely run and throw some water at the root, call fire-brigade, yell for help.. right? I understand this question “Should we support?” comes from a confused, half-realized buddhist monk who wishes to renounce the world of action and conflict and walk the “Golden Middle path”. I respect your intentions and choice thus my advice to you and all those who are still thinking of taking some action in this regard is that..

Forget supporting Anna Hazare but don’t worry still there is a lot you can do about it. You all can “Sport” Anna on your facebook, in your SMSes.. in your mail forwards, T-shirts etc. You can switch off lights when asked for (keeping AC and TV on..after all this is not Earthday call!), light some candles at some national monument and wait patiently for blind and deaf government (consisting of all corrupt to the core politicians) to take note of it and smile at your helplessness and choicelessness till next general elections. Yes! one more thing.. Don’t forget to shout a few anti-corruption slogans daily while in bathroom.. it will pep up your nationalistic spirit.

Love and Light



About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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One Response to I ‘sport’ Anna Hazare!

  1. deshdeepak says:

    i totally agree with you, and may your wisdom trickle down to each and eery soul residing in our nation or other nations as well.

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