Yoga of synthesis..

Why don’t you understand?

After one of my medition sessions I had once told my beloved desciple friend..

“If you want to experience God, your mind should be able to indulge in synthesis.. and when I am saying synthesis it does not merely mean putting different pieces together. Synthesis is much more than this.. “

Although he nodded affirmatively but I know for sure he had not understood that. Since that time I wanted to destroy the false feeling of understanding in him.. I knew what he understood is not what I meant so I have decided to elaborate on that.

Actually mind’s function is to split, to divide, to create grades, shades and hues.. mind can not do real synthesis ever if it is not meditative. Now the question comes what is meditative mind?

The meditative mind is the state of ‘Dhaarna’ in classical yogic term. A stage which is achieved after perfecting the ‘Praanaayaama’. The authentic Vedic Yoga system is a eight-fold path starting at Yama, Niayama… culminating to sate of Samadhi.

First four steps are done and are in our control. It means Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama are the four steps which require your effort. You can do something about it.. you can exercise control over these. These fall in the domain of your doing. The last four steps are the fruits which happen own their own accord. You can not do much about these.. in fact you can not do anything about these.

Just like a gardener you choose and then prepare the proper piece of land. Till the land, sow the seeds.. water them and then only thing you can do is protecting the plant and allow it to grow. Once it has grown up you will have to just patiently wait.. when the season arrives.. it flowers and you get the fruits too. The meditative mind is the state where buds have arrived.. some of them have opened up a bit and you are able to feel the aroma around. No proof is needed that fruits are not far away.

When you have gained control prana and thus on the brownian, zig-zag motion of your mind your mind starts disappearing.. it no more functions from one of its halves. The left and right are balanced and connected. The ida-pingala are open.. the sushumna takes birth. Actually activation of sushumna can be in medical or psychological terms defined as a state of your mind when its both the lobes are free of residual irritations and accumulations, your logical and creative faculties are bundled together and thus a new vision is born.. but mind you! it is much more than this.

In this state of flowering you are able to see things wholly, completely and your mind is now in synthesis mode. It is no more getting irked or agitated by absorbing in spliting a phenomenon in good or bad.. a state which is not falling in the domain of pain and pleasure..  you are no more discriminating. Surprisingly you are wiser than before. You will choose the best option for yourself out of multiple choices presented to you but now you would know you have done it without thinking about it. So knowledge dies and wisdom is born. In this state your sense of being a thinker or doer dies. You become a flute through which winds of existence flow and a divine melody is played on its own.

It is such a beautiful state.. blissful.. much more special and euphoric that the state of mind when you fell in love for the first time in life. Now you fall in love with the existence.. your beloved is everywhere.. he is embracing you from all the sides.. touching you.. playing with you in so many forms and in so many ways. The feeling is like constant divine intercourse with the existence.

But yet again I repeat.. although you may feel now you understand but I bet you have not. Because howsoever good words I use, whatever elaboration I make.. you have to indulge if you want to experience orgasm. And orgasmic bliss can not be put in words. So? Come, learn the art of accepting the divine love of universe. To accept or reject my invitation is always your choice.


– Agyaatdarshan

How to live life?

||Dive deep||


One professor was retiring from our college. A day before he showed me, a long biodata he had formed, with some 63 publications out of which around 15 in international journal and when i appreciated it, he said when he did all the stuides , he felt he was doig a great job, but today feels futility of it and questions what was the need of it. I felt as if he was questioning his whole life.

AD, Please give me some insight what does really achievement mean and how one should live? I dont want to feel this way ever.

AD: Beloved Sonu, this feeling is not very unique.. it has been the case with almost every so called learned one. Some realize it just before their death, some may be bit more intelligent and are able to see the terminal.. the result much before. But this is bound to happen the way you live your life today.

I have heard when Einstein was dying someone asked him “What would you like to become if you take another birth?” And he replied.. “I would prefer to be a plumber in my next life. I will not want to be sceintist again.” Now we may think.. what a great scientist and what great discoveries he made in his life time.. the more intellectual lot of us would like to become an Einstein but what a joke.. Einstein himself is not interested to be himself ever again!

This is nothing new beloved Sonu, the way most of people live life at best it can be summarized in one word “Mistake”. And who wants to repeat the mistake? None. But believe me despite this elmost everyone would repeat this mistake. Why the mistake is repeated is another bigger question but I today I prefer to talk about why life becomes a mistake.

The word mistake is a beautiful word – I am not taking its dictionary meaning. I would rather give it another meaning – Miss in taking.. When you do not receive an idea or thing in its intended way.. you are commiting miss-take. And exactly this is happening in your life. Life has so much to offer and people go on missing. Someone said life is just about 2500 weekends for those people are alive over weekends only.. I say life is about infinite of moments.. endless.. eternal… undivided.. totally unstructured. It is you who have broken it in groups of months, weeks. Existence divided it in day and night.. merely two divisions but human mind has grouped it in so many ways. And every group has space for future projection.

And there are certain basic mistakes. People are missing the beauty of flow of time. The ceaseless eternal flow of time has been captivated in your watches. The time has lost its meaning. Numbers on your dial have more meaning to you now. The utter joy of watching undivided flow of time is lost.. in stead of the beautiful river flowing we have made a ladder out of it. Now we grow old in steps of years.. weeks… hours.. not in eternally flow. So called Yoga Gurus have robbed off the pleasures of breathing and meditation just by ignorantly introducing number counts in breathing.. the whole mind gets focused on the numbers.. the sheer joy of breathing is gone!

There is mistake in learning process. There is immense joy in learning but only when learning is an end to itself.. not the means to an end. Till the time is not bothered about exams his learning is a natural and divine phenomenon because the child is learning.. but he is learning it all without having any purpose. And for him learning is beautiful.. thrilling experience. But the competition driven utilitarian society is not interested in your joy.. it is interested in your utility so it will give you grades on how you learn, what you learn and whether you are able to prove that .. all senseless efforts but very engaging.. because these are fodder to your animalistic instincts.

There is mistake in using what is available to us. Out of this social hypnosis people forget that life is not about acquiring anything.. storing anything.. it is about experiencing. And what happens when people start accumulating so called knowledge? They run hard to get their degrees, toil through nights to get their papers published.. to get their names appearing in journals.. But don’t think it is happening only with educationists.. it is happening everywhere. Mistake is in receiving yourself as you are.. this gives rise to competition.

So much wealth has accumulated in few hands that 80% people in the world are without sufficient food, cloth and shelter. Why? Because yet again there is war going on.. who is better business man, who is richest person on the earth. The whole life is lived on these basic animalistic instincts of competition. Out of completitiveness the situation is getting worse by each passing year. Socialists may be living in fools paradise that someday everyone will have equal share on nature’s resources; I bet it can never be possible unless the right seeds are sown in the minds of people. It is not possible before we cut the competition off by implanting a new paradigm for life in the genre of people through right education.

There are mistakes in experiencing relationships.. The bond between two people is no more the consistent flow of love energy, they have become the names given to these bonds. In reality there are no names.. it is only flux of loving energy between two hearts. The vibrations and connectedness of hearts keep a relationship alive.. but people would prefer to miss a joyous relationship unless it has a tag on it. And above all it should be stamped by the authorized courts of your country.

The life becomes a series of misses. And why? In fact there are so many wrong notions about life which are being taught.. some consciously and some unconsciously. And trust me they all engage you in a mind game.. they do not allow you to be what you are. This eats up your life.. and at the end of it people feel deceived. They feel that they have been cheated and have been persuaded by some unknown force to do all those foolish things which they did so enthusiactially all their lives.

People are being blessed “Live long”.. I say don’t live long.. live deep instead. And to live deep you have to develop the awareness. You have to get rid of your watches, your degrees, your money.. when you leave it all. And When you have thrown it out of your window.. when we are able to shrug it off and say “So what!” then only life can start.

The professor you are talking about is lucky.. he still have some time to live. He has learnt his lessons which are definitely beyond the books he read. Now is the time for him to “live” but trust me that would’t happen. Old habits die hard. Only a master can wake you up by banging your head against a wall. But I am warning you.. don’t try to wake up such sleeping people. They get angry so easily.. in fact they want to sleep for some more time.. till the time they are pushed into the valley of death; Thus the sleep continues. So you have seen him.. learn from his mistake.. meditate upon it. I can assure you – you will experience a  quantum change. But then awareness is the key.. no momentary realization has been able to bring about a personal revolution.. transformation. Draw the learning.. and live that… “nididhyaasana” is the key..

If you ask me, I have a simple formula – If you want to live life.. remember death. After a while you would not remember death.. only life will be there because for those who live.. they live beyond death as well.

– Agyaatdarshan

Advaita, Dvaita and Vishishtaadvaita


How to understand the theories of “advita, dvaita and visistaadvita”? how far these theories are relevant to the needs of sincere sadhaka? how much are these theories necessary to know about?
please enlighten the use of “so ham” feeling in pranayama and dhyana.


|Invoking Divinity in You|

Beloved Reddy,

Mind is like an empty dustbin without a bottom, you keep on filling it and it will never be full to the brim. Its hunger and thirst continues.. the more you feed it the more it wants.  Mind wants to understand things but understanding is not the experiencing at all. However unfortunately due to lack of guidance and also due to the associated pleasure of being able to speak on subjects where people would calmly listen to you, a seeker gets vary of the original quest. He gets focused on studies rather than meditation. A seeker becomes informed by virtue of studies but at best he gets aware of jargons.. like you have used in your question. Adviata, Dvaita and Vishishtaadvaita and all. Most of people who are in search of truth lean against the shelves of libraries instead of occupying the altar of meditation or a place in the lotus feet of a master with surrender for books give you knowledge and can not pester you for not doing things but the master will.

Mantra is a beautiful word – it means death of Mana (mind). The mere repetition of words verbally, semi-verbally or mentally doesn’t lead you to a state of no mind nevertheless there is always a possibility associated with it. A mantra in literal sense (collection of words) can become a yatch which can slowly take you to the other shore where there is no mind. But you must have patience and skill to use it.. you should know how to sail against winds of thoughts and waves of desires while using it.  Sadly so, but people keep on chanting one or other mantra  throughout their lives without any transformation happening in their lives. Not that mantra was wrong.. it is because they did not know the right way to use it.

But if at all you succedd in your endeavours and your mind is gone you will suddenly find that you have crossed the turbulant river and landed on the other shore. If you compare it with your real life picture.. like you crossing the the river and landing on the other shore. You may understand it. Few moments before you were in the noisy, stinky, narrow, crowded and dark bylanes of a town and suddenly you are away from it.. so much distance from it. Now you are in a place where nothing of that city is touching you. You are away from city and you can see it as a whole for the first time. Its skyline, its colorful hues on the canvas of horizon. If someone asks that person who has reach the other shore “How do you define your experience?” probably he would say –  “It is peaceful. Its beautiful. It is tranquil..(Vishistadvaita?)” Someone may say “It is NOT noisy. It is not disturbing.. (Neti Neti?)”. Someone may have another opinion and say “I can see the silence and noise both are part of the same reality.. one I experience while I am in there and one when I am out here…. (Dvaita)” Someone may say “All the manifestations of noise and peace are happeing in this space which is omnipresent and the space is a reality. Noise and peace is a hinderance for me to experience the real space and thus manifestation (maya) of space…. (Advaita?)”

In everyone’s expression there would be some uniqueness – Some would define it using affirmation, some negation and some may have a fusion of both. Some may altogether give up the idea of expressing it and relish its beauty and taste in silence; Without bothering to take pains in futile exercise of explaning it like Ramana Maharshi.

But the fact is when you move away from the world of thoughts, perceptions and bodily senses using mantra (you can use any word for that matter), when your mind is dead; You experience this existence in a completely new way which words find almost impossible to define. In that state the whole existence around you changes its meaning to you. It may be felt as unified cosmos – free of individualities and subjectivities. It may look like extension of your own being. It is this experience of different seers which finds different connotations like dvaita, advaita etc..

The seers who have been able to travel and experience that shore on the otherside have tried to narrate their experiences (they used ‘saadhna’ instead of books) using ordinary language. When the most expressive and vocabulary rich language on this planet could not define the experience it is their mercy for fellow travellers that they took pain in describing their experiences, so what if they failed to put it across. At least something can be pointed out to you.. These theories and concepts are just pointers and inform you that it is possible to travel there.

People think the definition of Braham, its experience with or without its attributes is possible and I say it is NOT. That is the reason I am against the accumulation of knowledge because any knowledge presented to you is just the expression of the experiencer and it can not be imparted upon you. It can never become a part of your experience!

On such a question like yours, I ask people to first define love.. define respect, define taste etc. People do try it and give their best.. they use so many meaningful words but I have not come across a single person who have been able to successfully define the exact taste of jalebi (kind of sweet made of fermented flour and sugar) to someone who has never tasted it.  And irony is we expect the God can be defined and his definitions can be wrapped up in black and white characters of a book. No one could define love or respect for that matter…. and we thought we could catch the glimpse of the ultimate truth through understanding the books. (laughs)

So Reddy, use any tool, use any technique, take shelter of any master, learn anything which can push you towards experience rather than knowledge for experiencing is liberating. May you be able to invoke divinity in your being.


– Agyaatdarshan