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Yoga of synthesis..

Actually activation of sushumna can be in medical or psychological terms defined as a state of your mind when its both the lobes are free of residual irritations and accumulations, your logical and creative faculties are bundled together and thus a new vision is born.. but mind you! it is much more than this. Continue reading

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How to live life?

People are being blessed “Live long”.. I say don’t live long.. live deep instead. And to live deep you have to develop the awareness. You have to get rid of your watches, your degrees, your money.. when you leave it all. And When you have thrown it out of your window.. when we are able to shrug it off and say “So what!” then only life can start. Continue reading

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Advaita, Dvaita and Vishishtaadvaita

I have not come across a single person who have been able to successfully define the exact taste of jalebi (kind of sweet) to someone who has never tasted it. And irony is we expect the God can be defined and his definition can be wrapped up in a book. Continue reading

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