Pranayama’s negative effects!

Dear AD, 

I am suffering from adverse affects of kapalbhati after doing it watching from tv (baba Ramdevs Show). I cant concentrate and my mind gets clouded. I cant understand a situation as a result of which I have become very irritable. help me somehow. My life has become kind of hell.  – Docguy

|| Acharya Shri Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ||

Docguy, During Pranayamas, which is a rhythmic breathing pattern lots of energy gets generated and when this excessive energy tries to move in your network of energy channels its flow should be unhindered. If you are learning Yoga and Pranayama under the guidance of an able Master or Guru he shall make you cleanse your body pathways by using different types of external and internal cleansing methods called ‘Dhouti”, and Trataka. Also he would make sure that your energy channels are cleansed by continuous practice of ‘Nadishodhan’. Yet another level of cleansing is suggested which is known as “Tattva Shuddhi”.. which we teach in our Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Initiation Camps. In fact there is no better way to go systematically about any system. Yoga is not a fitness regime it is a system of empowering you to be able to come “Face to Face with your being”. Though Yoga is magical in its effects just like mathematical formula where 1+1 equals 2 only if you follow all the procedures correctly under the guidance of an authentic Guru from any ancient tradition. In modern times a normal practitioner is mostly confused because there are thousands of teachers (not Gurus) teaching many self-discovered methods hence it is not possible to achieve the desired results from Yoga. We despite having received and perfected Yoga practices from our revered Yoga Guru (Paramhamsa Shri Balendu ji Giri Maharaj) refrain from engaging our disciples in Yogic practices beyond a limit for obvious reasons.

Coming back to your issues… All such symptoms like headache, memory loss, lack of concentration are direct result of excessive push of energy (which is generated during ‘Pranayama’) in the energy channels called ‘Nadis’ and you can imagine what it would be like to obstruct an overflowing violent river. The excessively speedy flow of energy in the impurity clogged channels is bound to distort or damage them. This is natural.

There are approximately 72000 major energy channels in our body. In ancient Yogic text these are referred to as  ‘Nadis’. Whenever there is some damage in these our body tries to restore it however it is not always possible to get some very thin channels repaired and thus it may become permanent disability of loss of particular sensitivity or ability. Let us now see how well can we manage this situation – I just pray it is not too late!

My first set of advice to you is:

1. Stop the practice of all sorts of Pranayama for the time being.

2. Stop eating non-vegetarian food (if you are non-vegetarian), alcohol and smoking.

3. In the morning drink 1 Tea Spoon full of Honey mixed with warm water empty stomach and during the day drink at least 8-9 glasses of water.

4. If you can get “Brahmi” and “Vacha” from your chemist shop. Take 200-300 mg of each herb, twice a day mixed in small quanity of honey or milk.

5. In the morning after having bath. Sit relaxed, close your eyes, put a gentle smile on your face and do chanting of AAUUUUMMMMMMMM for 3-5 minutes. While you chant “AUM” focus on back of your neck. Once finished with chanting rub your palms together for 10-15 seconds and once you feel the energy and heat,  place your right palm on your forehead covering it and left palm exactly opposite on the backside of your head. Feel the energy moving in every cell of your brain and spreading love, light and smile every where inside there.

If its not too much of damage caused so far in just 21 days of this treatment you shall see your normalcy returning. It has worked for many and I am sure you would prove no exception. Once healed (partially or fully) do get back to me. I will have more for you. You can also keep yourself updated by joining the group of TSV practitioners.

Last but not the least, Each day at least for once yell at the top of your voice… “Jai Baba Ramdev” and clap for yourself!!


Get well soon..

Love and Light

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at :
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97 Responses to Pranayama’s negative effects!

  1. Viswanath says:

    I am having high BP and am unable to sit straight for a long time. I get pain in my lower part of back if I sit for more than 5-8 minutes and thereby my concentration is diverted. I am also not comfortable with Vajrasana. However, I want to do Kapalbhati and Anulum-Vilom for 30 minutes regularly. Please advise the remedy.
    I am 73+ years of age and am presently attending Yoga and Pranayama classes conducted by one of the representatives of Patanjali Yogashram in Bangalore. Whilst I am unable to do even 20% of yogasanas I am able to do Pranayamas but with difficulty in sitting.

    • Dear Vishwanath,

      If you have got the clear understanding on Pranayama preparations, I am sure you wouldn’t at least indulge in Kapalbhati. However Anulom Vilom can be practised.

      I understand you are attracted to Yoga and Pranayama to control your BP and other related issues. Thats Good!
      Regarding the pain in lower back you can try following options.

      Before you sit down for Pranayama, do Bhujangasana for 5 minutes, stretch yourself upward as if you are trying to touch the ceiling of your room. This will gradually increase your capacity to sit longer.

      1. Get a L shape coushioned back chair (In fact it is a normal chair minus its legs and can be placed directly on the ground/floor.
      2. You try sitting crosslegged in a deep tub filled with luke warm water with added salt.
      3. You can sit on a reclining chair and try only deep breathing. Avoid doing any theorybook Pranayama in this position just deep breathing for 5 minutes will do.

      You can request few remote healing sessions from my beloved spiritual partner Ma Deppriya. She can be contacted on wordpress at

      Love and Light
      – AD

  2. Subash says:

    This is an excellent post and thanks for highligting the dangers of pranayama. In order to rid myself of my stomach ailment i have tried Sri Sri Ravishankar’s sudarshan kriya . Sudarshan Kriya worsened my situation so bad that I was almost bed ridden for a week with fever and headaches, I got heat boils and skin rashes and even piles from sudarshan kriya. It was only after I stopped this and took triphala i got some relief.

    After this I tried baba ramdev’s pranayama, all the seven. I think Ramdev is too simplistic to claim everythign will be cured by these seven pranayamas. I did it all and my digestion only worsened and I started getting nervous and fidgety. I realised that the culprit is kapalabhati. I was doing this for 10 minutes. The days i stopped doing kapalabhati it was okay. I slowly switched to doing only Anulom Vilom and things got better for me. Now I do suryanamaskaras and anulom vilom. If someone had warned me earlier of dangers of rapid and quick pranayamas like kapalabhati, bhastrika and sudarshan kriya it would have save me from lot of suffering.

    Thanks for this blog. i think these holy businessmen willdo anything and claim anything to sell their products. Yoga is great if it is applied judiciously else it can be dangerous. Thanks for this blog and may your tribe increase.

  3. Amy says:

    I was practising Art of living’s Sudarshan Kriya for 12yrs, without giving even a day’s gap. some of the problems that I faced were :
    Poor memory,
    Absent mindedness,
    Intellectual disability – Could not comprehend or respond to anything. Mind would go blank
    Low Self esteem
    Lack of interest in life, No enthusiasm, always depressed.
    Low energy.
    I stopped practising SK almost a month ago. My memory has slightly improved. My interest in life is back.

    Please let me know what I need to do to recover completly.

  4. Perry says:

    Dear AD,
    First let me say that this is the first source where I have seen a seemingly very knowledgeable person, someone who seems like he speaks from living experience, while at the same time, being accessible and honest. Thank you for that, I enjoy reading your blog very much! I found your website after searching for the dangers of incorrect pranayama, and, after reading your website I am slightly relieved to know that I am not the only one who has suffered from this.
    I suffer from chronic anxiety and shoulder, neck, and knee pain, but I have always been functional in terms of work and school-and was able to graduate medical school this past year. I looked into pranayam to help me deal with the pain and improve my energy so I could be more focused on work,etc.
    In the past year I spent about 6-7 months doing swami ramdevs pranayam. I have done kapalbhati and anulomvilom for about 10-15 min each everyday from Oct 2010 to June 2010. I found that they gave me much energy and helped me with bilateral knee, right shoulder and neck pain which I have had for about seven years. I stopped these practices in June, but I started them up again abt a few days ago, because, for the first time in ten years, I was trying to face my anxiety and work through it and I thought it would help me relax.
    When I was doing this pranayam during the year, I was largely avoiding masturbation/sex, because I had read masturbation and pranayam together can be quite harmful. While I would do these practices, I would feel a surge of pressure in my genital regions and it was almost pleasurable, and I found that this would last throughout the day. This was especially true after kapalbhati. The reason I mention this is because when I started up again about a week ago, of course, the same sensation came to me. Unfortunately- and this is embarrassing-I spend a significant amount of time watching pornography that day and I masturbated as well. At the moment of ejaculation, I felt a surge of pressure into my neck and head, I felt a sharp, crippling pain in my right shoulder(previously damaged), and my right knee. I also felt a cramping sensation right below my navel. After that day, I feel as if my neck has become weaker-the pain and crepitus has increased, I feel EXHAUSTED, and I still have a cramping sensation right below my navel-though it has pretty much faded completely. In addition-the pressure that I felt in my head is still there and since that moment, I have had a very loud ringing in my ears-so loud, it is preventing me from sleeping.
    I read somewhere that masturbation after yoga can permanently waste/release energy –did I build up some energy and waste it? I’ve also read that sometimes if the body is not strong enough, the release of energy can be damaging to the “structure”. This would make sense as I have a few old injuries. I am absolutely terrified and I feel about 20 years older than I am(I’m 24). I have difficulty sleeping and I am worried that my memory is being affected-though I’m sure if that is because of the lack of sleep/anxiety over this situation. Anyhow, this is really interfering with my life.
    Is there anything I can do to correct this? Will it fix itself over time?
    Any advice would be much much appreciated. I am willing to do anything to bring myself back to “normal”.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

    • Beloved Perry.. I shall definitely answer you shortly.

      Love & Light

      – AD

      • debesh karki says:

        i have been practicing kapalvati pranayama and anuvilom pranayam since 3 months and i was feeling good and i recovered from many health problems and digestive problems. but since 1 week i am facing some serious health problems like i can’t concentrate i feel sad even in very sammll problems and i feel very mauch weak and all negative thoughts come inside my body and sometime i also feel like commiting suicide. i fell dizziness when i practice pranayam

        sir plz suggest me some ideas

  5. anurag says:

    I m suffering from allergic rhinitis for many years. i had tried all sort of medicine and even homeopathy but it didnt work so i finally got my attention on patanjali yogpeeth. i had started pranayama for 15 days with kapalbhati and now i’m suffering from sever back pan i can not sit straight. and i am having sever neck pain. i just googled and i found your useful website. After knowing that it can be a permanent problem i am so worried . My life is miserable if it will not b cured.. please help me.


    • Beloved Anurag,

      Our Body is not the isolated event in this universe. What we get is what we deserve. We earn our body through our Karma. The DNA is nothing but the collective karma of your ancestors whom you chose to born with. Not exactly that you chose to be born but you were made to come. People are worried about the external symptoms without giving any thought whatsoever on what they are internally. The response of our body to external stimulus is governed by our programming of energy body which we carry from our past and in most of the cases it is also the result of non-acceptance. The energy body has so many switches which get activated by our thoughts and thus most of the times people suffer due to their thoughts – their mind.

      People keep reacting to others and situations out of their rut without giving proper attention to their own self, the background thought processes.. the logic governing the reactions and reasons behind their built-in psyche. Sufferring from alergy, more of less is about being choosy.. easily irritable… You should learn to accept people, things, situations and different characters.. your allergy shall disappear completely in some time. But what next when you are completely healthy? Do find a higher purpose in life. Dont foegt, this body is of no use if it is not toiled in serving the world!

      May the blessings of Shiva be with you

      – AD

  6. Himanshu Jhawar says:

    I am 48yrs old. I was over weight from my childhood. First i tried to do weight reduction by swimming and avoiding eating. But realised it made me very depressed and sleepy all time, so i gave up. Then I started yoga when i was 18yrs old with simple warm up excericse and suryanamshkar but without guidance of any teacher. In a month I realised i am coming in good shape & feeling good, then tried more to get faster result. But I had to stop due to rashes (red spot) in hand with burning sensation in hand and stomach (acidity). I reduced quantum of excersice but started pranayam by reading books. Initially felt very good and so started overdoing of pranayam more particularly Suryabhedi. After this pranayam i used to feel my body very light but i relealised i cannot concentrate properly in my study (I can undersand the subject fast but retension/ memory very poor) and seen involuntary movement of hands (shaking). But I kept doing every morning & also evening for feeling good. But I had to give up this in 1989 (age 26 yrs) due to severe stomach ache. Then I had frequent cold and cough and keep taking medicine like ibuprofen as painkiller. I got married in the age of 30yrs. After one ear of marriage I had pain in my backache which could not be diagnosis for 1.5 yrs after various MRI/CT scan and blood test. There was significant change in my spine structure (a problem usually found in 70-80 yrs old) Then I lost 20 kgs weight in a month’s time, with simptom (I had mild fever in evening and heavy sweating in night). In 1994 Nov, one morning I passed heavy malina in stood and hospitalised for 15 days. They diagnosis TB in liver and one inch gland on portal vain from where it bleeded. Took one year treatment and recovered but portal vain got blocked internally. I had 3rd grade varisis in usaphagus, as portal vain was blocked. But fortunately collaterals were developed in 2-3 yrs and 25% blood could pass thru the collateral. During this period I could feel enlarged spleen (15-18cm). Then at the age of 40yrs I had small blood pass thru stool and Doctor had done usaphagus bending of 2-3 varisis and I was put on drug call Pantocid 20 mg and Indral 10 mg to reduce the portal tension. I last 15 yrs i was keep doing excercise and moderate pranayam. Then I learned Ramdevji Pranayam from TV and also SriSri Ravi Shankarji Sudarshan Kriya (SK). But realised that I had problem with SK and stopped. Thereafter next four years i was normal then i was diagnosed diabetes. I was put on Citapin 500 SR. I have increased Kapalbhati to 240 rounds (60 round X 4 rests). Anulom-Vilom also 240 rounds (60 rounds X 4 rests). But in 6month I realised that I had a problem of Voice horseness. I was good singer but i cannot sing. I had trouble in talking due to horseness (I have to talk more due to my working/job). But voice becomes normal after long talking/discussions but a small break to listen other person means square to zero and same trouble. I am taking voice course also. Last 15 yrs I am drinking boiled (cooled) water, not to have stomach problem and my weight is in the range of 85-90 kg range in all those yrs.
    I am regularly doing meditation, just after getting up from sleep in the morning for 30-45 min. Then all this excercise took 2 hrs. This put lot of pressure in the morning. Throughout the day i am in good control of eating due to work pressure, but after evening (late evening around 9.30pm) when i am back in home & relaxed i am eating more than my morning breakfast and lunch, which keeps the trouble continued……
    Though I am writing all this but I know where i have been wrong all those yrs.
    Mind lives in extremes of opposite duals. Though grown up so old & suffered but still make same repitative mistakes.. & suffer….again & again … How to overcome this ….sometime think peace is also mirage…becuase after peace again you are back in world with worldly duties & pressures….. Do we need to develop one more level of consciousness…. above suffering…
    Please guide..

    • Beloved Himanshu,

      I can clearly see your bent towards philosohpy.. a new understanding is emerging, paradigm shifing however I dont think you are asking me anything or that you feel you need help so all I can say.. grow in your understanding in this feeling in your solitude. May existence shower blessings upon you..


      – Agyaatdarshan

  7. Utpal Sarmah Boruah says:

    I am having some health problem since last six month’s. I feel light-headed, dizziness and a slight jerking at the back of my neck (palpitation). My limbs tremble a bit and my legs feel as if they cant keep me upright. All this lasts for only a couple of minutes, but for the duration that it lasts, I feel as if i could faint and that makes me feel nervous and it is becoming a kind of phobia for me. It’s affecting my social life as I am scared to go out anywhere fearing that I would cause a scene, if it happens.
    For your kind information, I have been doing PRANAYAM for the last one year. Brashtika – 5 minutes, Kapal bhati – 5-10 min, Ujjai – 5 times, Anulom Vilom – 10 mints – in this sequence. My question is, could my problems be related to any or all of this, or my sequence of doing it? What is your take on this? Kindly advice how to come out of it all.

    • Beloved Utpal,

      I have warned enough about what getting into Pranayama Practice can results into if attempted without having completed Nadishodhan and you are still waiting for my approval to consider your decision to stop and refrain from the practices you are engaged in? Surprising it is! However why do you think I should personally tell you to stop doing it? I dont enjoy the authority of being your Guru or guide neither did I ask you to start it anyways.. Utpal, Its your choice, its your decision and ultimately it is your knowledge which would help you in making right choices. Read authentic text books and treatise on Yoga and pranayama and most importantly get in touch with some knowledgeable Guru who can initiate you in right processes.

      Just would like to tell you that you are not the only one who is complaining about such symptoms.. thousands of people have written to me with even more severe complications and all by practice of Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya etc. Largly symptoms disappear after you stop the practices however there are some damages in the nadi-system which is definitely irrepairable.

      ||Asato ma sadgamay.. tamsoma jyotirgayamay||

      – Agyaatdarshan

  8. Pranav Shastry says:

    I m Pranav Shastry,Engineering student.I wanted a help from u.I have a problem of masturbating at higher frequency,which i m trying to reduce or quit. Towards this i wanted to try Yogic therapies.Masturbating has affected my life alot in all spheres! I want to know the therapies and activities to do to reduce the frequency. Please suggest me what i can possibly do towards it. My mail id is would be very much thankful for it.

  9. RAMA GOVINDEN says:

    Please AD,

    Can you advise me a good combination of prayanamas that i could practise about 20/25 minutes per day, I’ve followed ART of LIVING course and practise SWAMI RAMDEV prayanama techniques. I fear that i may be doing things wrongly. Very often i feel very calm and full of energy but occasionally irritated and stressed and i try to do everything in a hurry.

    Yours RAMA

    • Shri Rama Govinden

      As Acharya ji has always said that no pranayama should be done without practicing Nadi shodhan. Any type of Pranayama that you will do without preparing your body by doing nadishodhan will have ill effects on you. So here it is advisable that dedicate the whole 20/25 minutes in doing nadishodhan only for atleast one year. You may read the following posts.

      love and light

  10. B. Rajat says:

    I have been doing pranayam for around 2 months now. Previously when I did Kapalbhati i used to tire very easily. Ever since i am consentrating on the “microscopic orbit” i land up doing pryanam at 25 mins at a stretch. It has been a great releaver of tensions. However for the past two days, after I have done Kapalbhati and am meditating, I have a cold wave that that rises from my legs ang gradually climbs up to my lungs. It’s almost like a chill and i get fearful. Please explain the cause and possible remedy.

    PS: I have knee trouble and so cannot since in sukhasana for prayanam. I set on a chair while prayanam. I have low blood pressure and consupation. But no other evedent ailments.

  11. jazz says:

    i have got interal piles…i was doing sudharshan kriya….could it b the reason of it…as i have read dat piles occur due to exercise…???and how could i cure it naturaaly…???

    • Beloved Jazz,

      Not sure if you had this problem earlier also and in all probabilities this problem of internal piles shouldn’t have occurred due to Sudarshan Kriya directly. However if during Kriya regime you felt constipated and exerted bit too much while defecating it can cause these symptoms. Nevertheless it would be too much of a guess work on my part if i do not a proper history of ailment from you including hereditary trends in your family (both sides i.e. paternal & maternal).

      The analysis of causes apart – you should use lots of fruits, liquids and fibers in your diet. Maintain proper routine in eating & sleep. Some natural laxatives like psyllium husk (5gms each time – mixed in one glass of water) empty stomach & after dinner would be of help. You should drink 1-2 liters of lukewarm water in the morning before everything. If you don’t have hypertension you can add 1-2 TSF common salt in this.

      Avoid long hours of sitting & do walk for a mile everyday. The apana mudra practice for 10 minutes a day would regulate your bowel movements. Elemental energy balance plays an important role in your health so If you stay in India and can afford keep looking out for “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha” camp in or around your city. If time and your conscience permits get initiated & take charge of your life.

      Love & light
      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  12. Maynard says:

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your web site.

  13. Smith says:

    Dear Master

    I am 39 years old woman doing Meditaion and Pranayam regularly since 2012 and not so regular since 2009. I am seeking a solution for my health issues. All the spritual trainings and practices helped a lot on handling stress and life is more joyfull. However my physical health is not improving. Struggle with Psoriatic Arthritis (calcification at joints, muscle/tendon aches all over,no skin issues other than scally scalp) and tingling, fluttering sensation of nerves started after 2009.

    As part of my Yoga training i was on more than 50% raw food, (no milk) since beginning of 2011, but by beg of 2012 i was drained, shortness of breath and couldn’t work for 2 months, was depressed, slowly with supplements, cooked food and some fish and chicken (at medicinal levels to improve iron as was diagnosed with low iron reserves), has been a vegetarian since 14 years old). With this change in diet and supplementation my shortness of breath has gone away. But my pains and calcifications are still present.

    I do following pranayama every morning – sectionals (kanishta, madyama, jyeshta), mudra pranayams (Chin, Chinmaya, Adi, Merudhanda, poorna), done with seethli in between to cool]. While doing exhalation a slight sound is made from the throat. I do pranayam sitting on a chair as I cannot sit in the vajrasan. While doing pranayam gets distracted as it is done in a hurry in the morning while getting my little one ready, could this have negative effects.

    I do samadhi meditation before lunch and evening (not third eye)- just watch the thoughts coming and going (without resisting or following it) and, if mind wanders get attention back by chanting the Beej mantra. It freshens me immensely and some small discomforts also goes away.

    But overall my health is struggling and so wondering if any of these practices especially pranayam is having a role. On one side i can see its positive effects but still could it be causing the negative side effects.
    Another reason why i am suspecting is because lately my husband is also complaining some joint calcifications like at the wrist, foot and Knee pains, but doesn’t have other issues. He feels super heated up after pranayam (does dhouti and sits in vajrasan). So the only other common denominator between us is the Pranayam and Meditation and Raw food that we used to take (raw food we have cut down a lot as we both were getting tired and tested low on iron reserves).

    Request your take on it and suggestions to help with my health challenges.

    I have send an email dt Tuesday, April 23, 2013 3:44 PM with all the details and chronological progress of my conditions.

    With Love

  14. Siddharth Saxena says:

    Dear AD,
    I want to thank you for your valuable blog.I was suffering from negitive effects of pranayam and with your advices i am returning to normal.But the promblem is that there is much fluctuation sometimes i feel normal sometimes negitive effects exist. As you posted that you have more to cure such negitive effects of pranayam, so kindly suggest me what else i can do to get better. Thank you


  15. mokashiii says:

    my BP shot up after doing kapalbhati…i was hospitalised..
    i was a healthy male..but now have to take hypertension pills..
    BABA RAMDEV have corrupted yoga big time.


  16. sandeep says:

    Dear Mokashii!

    The problem with people trying to imbibe Pranayam and Yoga in their Lives and complaining is that probably they dont’ get into the essence of the whole System.

    Imbibibg of The “Yam Niyam Asan Pranayam pratyahar dhyan dharna Samadhi” is sequentially important to tone up the system gradually towards acceptance the practices of the higher order.

    Yoga and Pranayam is basically the art of channelising the immensely inmeasurable fields of internal dormat energy towards higher levels of realisation. and for that the whole body mind thought and action system has to be introspected upon and desired corrections are needed to be adapted before the higher fruits can be realised.

    There are no short cuts in yoga and Pranayam.

    One has to realise the deeper change within… the change on selflessness, the change with regards to service without expectations, greed, avarice, non-injury, non-violence.

    Then comes the toning up of the bodyand mind and during this process the ailments of the body gets cleaned, because balance in body, mind and soul can be achieved only when the body is healthy, mind is active and alert and soul is aware of its presence within the body.

    Once the above factors get into the psyche one is ready for moving on to the next higher steps.

    Thats my understanding of the philosophy of Yoga.


  17. Arjun says:

    I’ve started doing Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati for 2 minutes each for about a month or so. I get lightheadedness all the time. I’m doing at a very slow and steady pace. It’s also giving me heart sinking feeling when I’m about to sleep. Baba Ramdev has not mentioned in his videos as to how it should be done properly. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Anyways I’ve decided to leave doing pranayama completely as it’s effecting my health. All thanks to Baba Ramdev.
    – Arjun

  18. Alok says:

    I have performed Ujjai pranayama for 2-3days and have its bad effects as I am suffering from severe constipation now. I have performed the pranayam with Jalandhar band. Pls. Advice me to get out of it.

    • Beloved Alok,

      Logically you should approach the teacher who suggested you Ujjai Pranayama and from whom you learnt Jalandhar bandha etc. unless you tried it yourself.

      As of now the suggestion is – please refrain from the practices. Drink lots of lukewarm water (minimum of 4 glasses) empty stomach. Add a pinch of common salt in it as well. Walk for 20 mins after dinner and morning too.


  19. JB says:

    Dear AD,
    I started suffering from brain fog and fuzzy feeling in my brain 2 years ago. I have had stomach issues, which actually runs in my family, for a very long time. I changed my food habits completely, cooking my own food, eating healthy etc. Fogginess has gone down now, however it still comes and goes. The problem that I am facing currently is heavy headedness. I started practicing pranayam 3 months ago. Did it every single day. My head aches are gone. However, heavy headedness is still there. I have stopped practicing pranayam at the moment.

    Can you please suggest what yoga or pranayam practices I can indulge in so that the fuzzy and foggy feeling that I get in my head goes away. My head is feels tight and heavy most of the times.
    Please suggest something

  20. Gajender says:

    Suffering from 3 years. Pls help me I want to meet u as soon as possible.

    • Beloved Gajender,

      You need to detail your problem in order to enable me help you. Also Sacred Association is organizing a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – Initiation camp in Delhi. Make it convenient to attend if possible We can discuss your issue there face to face.. In case you are willing to attend speak with Puneet at +91 9971 460 398 or drop a mail at


  21. Ramesh solanki says:

    When i do Anulom vilom… that night i cant sleep whole night… why this is happening to me ?

    • Beloved Ramesh Solanki,

      This much information is not sufficient to answer your question or suggest a remedy to you. I am not sure if you are doing these practices under the guidance of an experienced teacher. If yes, please refer back to him or else write in detail about it.

      It is always better to leave a valid mail id with your questions/comments so that you can be reached personally also by team of ‘Sacred Associaion‘..


  22. pooja says:

    I started doing kapalbhati since over a week now. Although as I understand, the recommended time is at least 5 minutes but I am not able to continuoulsy do it till 5 mins. So, I am doing it for 1.5-2 mins in 3 sets. Not sure if that is okay?

    Secondly, I started doing kapalbhati as it was suggested by Baba Ramdev and some of my friends as a very good remedy to treat uterous fibroid that I have.

    But since I started doing this excersice, for some reason I have started getting a lot of mood swings, like I suddenly feel too good or feel very sad for small reasons. I feel like crying for small issues etc – not sure if this is happening due to kapalbhati or not. But need guidance here.

  23. anwesh says:

    i’m doing 6 pranayams from last 3 months , what happens if we stop doing pranayam as a gap for one month or more ?? please reply

  24. anwesh says:

    can we do balayam i.e nail rubbing exercise for hair growth after doing pranayam and how much time gap should be given between doing pranayam and yoga?

  25. Atul purohit says:

    Pranam Acharyaji,

    I live in US. I am male and 27 years old an engineer by profession I have indigestion issues(lack of appetite, malabsorption, bloating) for 20 years or may be more but I don’t remember. I am not looking for yoga as a spiritual journey or awaken some inner powers. I do yoga as soul purpose of staying fit and keep my digestion decently working if not perfect. I don’t have access to Guru’s in here but I got interested in yoga at very early age for health reasons and studying ever since then most of the books from Bihar school of yoga. I made my own plan which is

    3) Shalabhasana
    4) Matsyasana
    5) Ardha matyendrasana
    6) Nadishodhana and ujjayi for about 25 minutes after asana.

    I have been doing all this for almost 1.5 years without any gaps. I want to include very slow, mild bhastrika since its known to increase digestive power.

    My question is should I include Bhastrika or just stick to what I am doing? Bhastrika will actually benefit me or will do more harm then good. You have deep understanding and knowledge on the topic, I am seeking your guidance before I do anything stupid.

    Thank you very much.

  26. jaimin says:

    Which kind of pranayama improve memory and concentration?
    What is the best time for use of ghyan mudra?

    • Beloved Jaimin,

      Nadishodhan practice is complete in itself to help anyone in improving memory and concentration. As far as the use of gyan mudra is concerned – it should be done once a person attains relatively sattvik characteristics. Anytime is good time for this mudra.


  27. kevin says:

    Please advise what type of exercises can be done to cure anxiety and gastritis?

  28. Dear Acharya AD,

    I am practicing yoga, vegetarian for 3 months and now I started to have pain in my back, neck and ear, head (all left side). I am trying to cure it. But I think now that the reason can be trataka for example, do you think it is possible? What should I do? Thank you very much for your help.
    – Julie

  29. sagar says:

    Dear Ach. Agyaatdarshanji,

    I was suffering from severe headache so i started doing anulom vilom, kaplbhati and bhastrika for 2 months, in terms of benefits my anxiety almost got relieved and i used to feel calm but my pain was getting increased after doing these pranayams. so i followed your above advice to stop the pranayamas for a while. i am feeling relief now. but i want to know when can i restart my pranayama practice?

    – Sagar G

  30. sagar says:

    can we drink 1 teaspoon of honey + amla juice with lukewarm water in morning? Is it goot for brain and body?

  31. Dear Acharya AD,

    Thank you very much for your attention. Indeed I have not seen email. Thank you for your care. Below more information.

    I am 31 years old. I am doing yoga for more than one year by now. I am doing it with a group roughly 3 times a week (sometimes less and sometimes 4 times a week). I am doing Ashtanga yoga. During class we do a bit of Pranayama (Kapalbhati, breath holding, I do not do trataka now). Plus I go the gym (heavy weight) like twice a week. I visit Russian baniya (it is like sauna twice a week). As for the my diet, I was eating mostly raw food before, dried fruit, nuts, vegetables, since I quit meat, poultry, sea food, I think I started to fill weakness. I had no power for nothing and I decided to eat cereals, I started to drink milk and milk product and I still do. I am not drinking alcohol for more than 1 year.

    And that time (in 3 months I quit meat) I had a problem with my left part of the body, first I had a pain in the left side in the back, I could not turn my head to the left side. In 1 week and a half it disappeared, but I started to have pain in the ears, sometime a bit in the neck next to the ear. I flew on business by plane several times and I got worse situation with lefty ear. I don’t know why but I always have problems when I got cold with left ear. So I went to ear/nose-throat doctor he said that no problems with ear but with my neck or neck spinal bone. I went to the nerve therapist, she subscribed me lots of medicine but they did not help. Still I had pain in the left ear, it is not like a real pain, but like I fill it and I fill a certain of discomfort. I was advised as well to go to the needle therapy. I am doing it about one month and I fell better now. But still I do not know what happened and why I suffered all of this. Maybe I was catch a draft, maybe I have osteochondrosis, may be it is because of my diet, maybe too much sport, maybe it is my ego. I realized that I started to treat people condescendingly (I am doing yoga, sport, not eating meat etc, no alcohol). Maybe my body started to cleanse, may be my body was transforming to non-meat diet. I do not know, still now my ear react to cold wind or cold weather and I do not know what to do.

    Thank you for your time! Julie

    • sbobs says:

      Per my Ayurveda doctor, switching from vegetarian to non vegetarian or vice versa need to be gradual, otherwise it can cause trouble. While doing raw diet one need to consciously address the diet to ensure enough nutrients is got. I learned that one will feel full within 15 mins, but will need to continue more when taking raw food.

      Finally for ear problems my ayurvedic doctor indicated that when you have issues with gut it is reflected as ear problems most times and prescribed using probiotics for 7 days and repeat after 1 month. It did help me. So may be you can try that. other reasons could be taking head bath in the evening, applying some head oil that is too cooling, or pillow.

      Hope you will be able to figure out the solution.

  32. Beloved Julie,

    It seems sbobs and his ayurvedic doctor has a lot to offer. He’s done the replying job for me and thankfully so. If you are satisfied with his inputs please indicate or else i will have to get back to answering you despite his sincere efforts 🙂


  33. Dear Sbobs, Dear Acharya AD,

    Thank you very much for your care. I will follow up the advices.

    Have a lovely day,

  34. mahesh says:

    Dear AD,

    Thanks so much for all important information, i Need your help For below mentioned issue of mine…i had done pranayam for 3 years when i was 19 yeas old, i did bhastrika, 5 mins. kapalbhati 15 mins. Anulomvilom 15 mins, bramari 10 times..then i used To do it frequently but not regularly, now i Am 25 year old..from last 3 months i have been doing pranayam more regularly, especially kapalbhati but the timing is between 11am To 12pm, and from last Two week my vision got blurred, getting headaches and feeling like my vision is not stable, I cannot concentrate and feeling very Tired, when i Went to eye specialist he told me that my pitta has increased the resulting in poor vision and eye problem..i think this is due to the pranayama in afternoon i did..i feel i got migrane due to kapalbhati, i am so worried and tensed, could you please tell me if this side effect Of Pranayama and can it be curable by itself also is it pemenant damage to me? i did This by seeing on tv and Rgrett my decision to start it..please suggest remedy..thanks.,also i when i got this problem i was still doing pranayaw but from last 2 days i have stopped it but have little improvement..

  35. Mahesh says:

    Dear AD,

    Thanks for all the information provided by you and I have almost read all the answers given by you for the negative effects of Paranayama. I do have the same problem as mentioned below:
    I have been doing the Pranayama when I was 19 years old and continued for almost 3 years. At that time I was doing it for 1 Hour daily and if possible then in evening as well. I watched this on TV and started it. Also, at that time I was doing Bhastrika 5 mins, Kapalbhati 15 mins, AnulomVilom 15 mins and Bhramari for 10 times. At that time I did not feel any negative effects. Now I am 25 and occasionally do Pranayam. From Last 3 Months I have doing this frequently but in afternoon 11Am to 12 PM, Bhastrika 5 Mins, Kapalbhati 10-15 mins, Anulomvilom 10 mins or less and Bhramarai…But from last 2-3 weeks My right eye started to fluctuate and my vision got poorer as compare to previous. I keep doing Pranayama and thought that Pranayama will cure it but no improvement. From Yesterday I have stopped it but not getting significant relief after it. I have below issues now: 1) Occasional Hedaches 2) Problem in eye, poor vision 3) not able to concentrate and always tired 4) Right eye which has slight poor vision as compare to left eye..5)Not able to think in right way and memory loss…Could you please suggest the remedy for same? I am so much worried and regret my act of wrong Pranayams, Can this action have caused me permanent damage? Can it be ok itself? Please suggest what problem has caused me this? Thank you.

  36. s k borah says:

    May i do anolom vilom pranayam while walking in the morning?

    • Beloved SK,

      I hope you are asking about doing it in the morning time and not while walking. Yes! you can practice anulom-vilom sitting.. just after few minutes of walk (this gap is needed to get your normal breathing pattern back).


      • Himanshu says:

        Guru Ji,

        I am doing practice of prayanam in morning after bath. Below are details –

        Kapalbhati – 3 min
        Anulom Vilom – 3 min
        Ujjai – 6
        Om chanting – 5
        rubbing the hand and putting on eyes

        I am doing Ujjai as I am suffering from hypothyroid.

        This schedule is suggested by Baba Ram dev ji!

        After practice for a month I am getting tingling sensation at back on my head and its increasing day by day, seems like going on top of head.Sometime in day my concentration goes towards it and I get worried.

        Please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.


      • Beloved Himanshu,

        Apart from Kapalbhati everything else is OK. Stop your practices for sometime for around 3 weeks and then you can restart a fresh, this time drop kapalbhati and report back the changes. To know what more can be done during this gestation and recovery period you may read some other articles where I have suggested some remedial actions.


  37. surya says:

    Please answer my question –

    i am doing this kapalbhati by seeing it on TV as demonstrated by baba ramdev, but i am confused that whether am i doing it correct or not?

    i am not able to concentrate in my studies,,and if i stop doing this kapalbhati then i am fully able to concentrate in my studies,

    please can u fully explain me the procedure of kapalbahti, as baba ramdev just says to throw the air out.. but after doing this i am sure that this pranayam is not at all easy as it looks.

    i have noticed that after doing it , the co relation between eye movement and brain functioning if we read some thing gets mismatch, and we are unable to study properly, Please help me out, i had called patanjali yog peet as well , there yogachara are also saying that, just throw the air out and the stomach will move of its own,,if this much simple it is then why i am not able to it? why i started lacking in my studies? please answer shall i continue with this or shall i leave it permanentely?


  38. Siddharth Kumar says:

    Want to know whether anulom vilom pranayam can be practiced while walking or not. Since mornings are usually rush hour for me, hence getting o to pranayam while walking usually helps cut on time.

  39. Vani MANDLA says:

    I’m suffering from migraine pain, my age is 26 I’m female and married.

    I started doing kapalabathi and anulom vilom paranayamas by seeing it in TV demonstrated by Ramdev Baba ji. Since 2 week I started doing pranayama and also eye exercise my headache has increased and I don’t know how to express my pain actually it is not pain,I mean from my back neck to upper head right side giving jatka in a single line and both eyes started paining.

    Please tell me how to cure my problem please understand my problem actually I’m suffering this problem by mental depression not physically. I’m worried of my health please what is the solution to cure my problem reply me soon.

    Thank you

  40. shreya says:

    Pranam Master AD,

    I am suffering from severe migraine from last 4 years , Is there any pranayam which cures this problem.


  41. Vani MANDLA says:

    Namasthe guruji,
    Since one month I’m getting very angry for necessary reasons.I don’t no y,I’m not able to control my anger even 1 doing anulom vilom pranayama in the early morning for 15 minutes I stopped doing kapalabathi because of back pain.when I get angry I feel to shout loudly and I feel to cry.iifeel to break my head.please guruji give me a advice to control anger.I’m showing very very angry on my kids who is 5yrs old and 3years old boys.definitely I will follow ur advice please help me guruji I don’t want to become angry on anybody.I hope u will do the need full.

    • Beloved Vani,

      From your condition it seems you have agitated state of energies in your body and being. Also you have seemingly attempted Kapalbhati etc. without preparation leading to a surge. We can definitely try to manage and restore normalcy and if you shall seek my advice I shall obviously guide you however only through TSV practices. Write all the details about the practices (spiritual or otherwise) you have been doing. Your routine, your age, profession, other ailments if any etc. here or following mail ids –

      We shall take it forward accordingly.


  42. vain says:

    Namaste guruji,
    I’m vani,I’m 26 years old housewife.I’m suffering from migraine since 5years.3rd day of my second delivery in 2011 my problem became very serious.(pain in the right part of my head,movements in all parts of body including eyes and head,numbness in whole head,I feel hands and legs strength less before going to sleep)all these are my problems.I don’t no what are moving in my body nerves or muscles,my problem was very serious I thought I’m not going to live anymore.I had consulted many doctors but my problems were not cured.after 1 month slowly I became to normal.since 2 months again I’m suffering from same problem and same symptoms,so I attempted kapalabathi,Anulom vilom,brahmri,and Udhgeeth Pranayamas to cure the same time I attempted eyes exercise to cure eye sight.always one of my nasal hole is blocked,sometimes right sometimes left so I’m not able to do pranayamas I stopped doing Pranayamas.please tell me guruji what is the solution to cure all my problems?especially headache and nerves movement in my body.definitely I will follow ur advice.please help me.whenever I pray to god I’m seeing negative images in mind.I’m scared to pray for god,fear is more than bakthi in me.
    I’m scared for small sounds also,whenever my kids cal me mummy I’m scared that something happened to them.what to do guruji please tell me the solution,I beg u,please help me guruji.

  43. Vani MANDLA says:

    Please reply guruji,I sent a mail to but not yet replied.please help me,sorry if I’m disturbing you guruji

  44. Manoj K says:

    Guruji, i have some throat problem from 9 month then i went to doctor and doctor said to check up the allergy then checkup the allergy then i found the some allergies like atopic asthma and atopic dermatitis and hay fever with the 715 high IGE. i am suffering with the very hard problem in my throat. i all the time feel there is some mucus. can you please tell me what should i do ? please suggest me something that can cure my problem.


    • Beloved Manoj,

      Allergies are generally our past and present irritations which get suppressed and thus get ingrained in our energies. Your road to restoration is not impossible but definitely cumbersome. You will have to present yourself physically and then learn the things from us. It will take time and will depend on your resolve also how much restoration can be achieved in your condition. Make it convenient to attend any of the Tattva Shakti Vigyaan camps. One specific visualization (SIO) can be done by you till then.. to know that practice please write to and you will be guided.


      – Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

  45. zeeshan says:

    I read your article on internet regarding ill effects of pranayama . i have been doing kapal bhati since 2009 till 2014. In 2014 i was diagnosed with hietal hernia 3cm. i do not know but as your article conveys that it might be due to kapalbhaati which i have been doing for past 6 years.

    I just wanted suggestion from your side that what should be my course of action in future. now i have stopped doing kapal bhaati but i have started doing bahahya pranayama for past 3 months.

  46. b dash says:

    respected guruji, pranaama!

    today i learnt from your site that pranayama nd its bad effects. i am 57 suffering from hypertension, gastritis and body unsteadiness while walking or sitting on chair for working. though am taking allopathic medicnes still i feel unsteadiness of body. kindly advise me how can i be healed from this through a simple remedy.

    Benudhar Das

  47. Sunil kumar says:

    Suffering from Diabetes ; Prostrate enlargement &spleen enlargement & less platelets,suggest a yoga parnayam and aryivedic medicine early.
    Sunil Kumar

    • Sacred Association says:

      Dear Sunil,

      A mail from us has been sent to you where you are required to furnish further details. Please respond to that mail so that Masters can suggest you something suitable.


    • Beloved Sunil,

      First of all Ayurveda is not our forte and hence not much we can authoritatively suggest on the medicine side however your fire-element need to be balanced, cleansed and balanced. Once fire gets normalized you should start seeing some improvement depending on the severity of problems. There are few yogic exercises which improve the functioning of these organs however those CAN NOT be suggested distantly. You will have to be physically present to learn those. Make it convenient to attend any of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan camps and you might feel helped.


      – Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

  48. narendar says:

    Guruji, I practised kapalhati for 4 days at home by watching baba ramadev videos. since then i have been suffering with stomach bloating, litte pain in stomach after having food and lot of discomport in stomach. It’s been 20 days i stopped it but still not healed. I have been suffering with acidity and constipation issue for several years and now its became worse. I feel like sick and going mad. Please help me.

  49. Sakthi says:

    Guruji, namaste. I am having PCOD. Practicing kapalbhati and anulom vilom for 10 mins each for last two weeks. Can this cause any side effects? Please reply.

    • Shivoham!

      Beloved Sakthi,

      You can go through many other articles on the site to clearly understand why kapalbhati won’t help rather it can give rise to several other problems due to unpreparedness of your body and energy channels. Find time to ask how you can attend Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camp by writing to

      My advice to you is to learn to relax and let go because all stomach related problems come only through stress and stored guilt and anger. Learn to forgive and forget the traumas and people association with them.

      – Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

  50. Nayan says:

    Namaste guruji,

    every time i do pranayam wheather anulom vilom or kapalbhati, i notice my anxiety get increase, my heart get sensitive to sensory inputs like sound. I start to get scared and heart beat raises fast, i get more nervous rather than turning to be brave. Can you please explain why is it happening and what am i doing wrong and what should i do to over come this problem. Your help can help me lead better life.

    Nayan Thanki

    • Beloved Nayan,

      I can suggest only if you are personally available there to understand and learn. Your complete tattvic make up and doshas need to be assessed before suggesting anything. Look out for upcoming workshops of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and make it convenient to attend one.


      – Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

      • Nayan says:

        Dear Guruji,

        Can you guide me to where and how can i attain workshops of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan.

  51. IvaKour says:

    Whenever I practice Anulom Vilom, I get headache..what should I do…I suffer sudden unconciousness these days.last 2-3 months the frequency has increased. Tests and reports are coming normal? – Iva Kaur

    • Beloved Iva,

      You stop your anulom-vilom practices immediately. Get yourself checked further only after 3 weeks of stopping your practices.. this time go for complete and comprehensive tests. Once all the possibilities from medical angle are ruled out write back for advice. You may have to go through some other deeper cleansing and calming practices.


      – Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

  52. Viraj says:

    PLEASE HELP! Please help! Doing kapalbhati for 30 mins everyday can give light headedness? Im doing from 6 months, but i feel dizzy all the time. Should i stop all pranayama or continue just anulom vilom?

    • Beloved Viraj,

      Stop every pranayama including anulom-vilom also for minimum of three weeks. Wait for your symptoms to subside and just hope nothing permanent damage has been done. Once you are back to normal then write back and you will be guided further.


      – Ach. Agyaatadarshan

  53. mail4sarmistha says:

    Guruji,I am 30 yrs old,Having a large fibroid in my uterus,but i am not finding any pain because of this.I am planning for my first baby,in pre-pregnancy checkup ,i came to know about this.and doctors are saying to go for surgery.But i don’t want to go for that,as surgery is not a permanent cure for this.Plz help me guiding to cure this and for conceiving .

  54. Dhananjay says:

    Respected Guruji,

    I had been doing pranayama (without retention) for about a 2-3 months everyday and was clearly benefitting from it, I could do about 25 cycles per day by the end of this period .However, then I tried doing pranayama with retention(20 cycles per day) and did it for 3 days. Since that day I am suffering from slight sensation in the middle of my forehead and am unable to do pranayama any more whenever I do it I can’t sleep properly.If I exhale breath with a little force I feel some sensation going up in the middle of my forehead.It has been 3 months since then but the situation is the same.Not a day goes by when I don’t wish I could do it once again.

    1.What can be causing this ailment for such a long period of time?
    1.Is this ailment permanent? Could it be that some of the nadis might have got ruptured?
    2.If it can be treated please let me know what should I do to treat it.

  55. Gopinadh says:

    All well said!

  56. Gopinadh KK says:

    Will please write scientific evidences of AVPranayama..also which is the most authentic research paper on it?

  57. nahaas says:

    THANK YOU very very very very very very very very very much
    my problem solved in a day .

  58. Prashantha S says:

    I heard that Soorya Anuloma and Viloma and Soorya Bhedan Pranayamas are not recommended for hypertension patients. Somebody told that the above Pranayamas are good for depression and stress. My problem is just above the normal always. It is Systolic 140 and Diastolic 90 to 95. According to the doctors information, I got the hypertension because of mental stress and depression. My query is that “shall I do the above said Pranayamas? If yes, How many counts per day?”

  59. Shilpa says:

    Guruji i started practising anulom vilom for 15 min but on the very first day after that i feel tingling sensation on my head near my ears and also on left side of my scalp i found head heaviness or some time little jhtaka so i stop doing that pranyama so please will you please give some advice please help

  60. Esha says:

    Respected Acharya ji,

    I looked a lot for any source that could help me and i found your blog. I have been having depression and anxiety related(panic disorder) issues since around 4 years and i am taking medication for it and around 80% better.

    I have been practising Sudarshan Kriya since around 8 weeks and around a week ago I started with Anulom Vilom, and i think I overdid it in the first week by practising it for 30 minutes a day. My heartbeat has been feeling rapid and I am getting symptoms of panic again which I had stopped experiencing since a year now.

    I have stopped all pranayama since 10 days but my heartbeat does not seem to be returning to normal….and I am really worried. If you could help me, I would be really grateful to you. Shall look forward to your reply.

    Many thanks,

  61. prathima says:


    i have some anxiety issues and sleep problem from last 4 months(38 year old) .So i learnt SK(sudarshan kriya) and initially it gave me mental peace.But after 30 days of practice.I got back pain and muscle pains.Also gastric problem.My ayurveda doctor adviced to stop SK completely (having vata body)and to do anulom vilom and bhramari. After stopping now for 20 days still i have gas problem and back pain.Now am praciticing om meditation for 10 min.I want your valuable advice now which i can continue or to stop.can i do trataka?.what i shld do for back pain and gatric to come down.

    thanx and regards.

  62. sree malakar says:

    Dear Gurudev,

    I have been practising bhastrika – 20, kapalbhati 600 ( one per sec), anulom bilom 80 times as per video from Ramdevji. It felt amazing untill three dats back I had a constant buzzing sensation on the top of my head. I have stopped all pranayamas. What should I do to get rid of this buzz? Kindly please help.

    Thanks & regards

  63. Aishi Das says:

    I am 24 year old girl(just passed Engg.).
    .My mind is always stuck with imaginations especially while I am alone. My concentration power is too low. I get easily tensed on little matter and I am a bit sentimental. I am very soft hearted and easily have a tendency to cry on little issuses.Overall, I am not happy at all. My right side of head at particular one point pains and right eye also and some vision has also got affected.This , I am having for several years. Eye specialist said nerve problem due to prolonged anxiety and have bit high pessure on right eye. Eye specialist suggested adequate sleep as the only solution and pranayam also .To get rid out of these problems, I tried anulom vilom for few months. But my entire energy and strength of body and mind are getting too low, even breathing problem occuring(never had before), backache increasing(suffering for 12 years due to CRP+ ), belly getting out, and vessels are trembling frequently from within(never had before). To get rid of these negative effects of anulom vilom , I am benefitted with kapalbhati , but , kapalbhati is incresing my pressure at my right side of head at that particular point and right eye also, and sometimes anger.
    .My study and career is getting too much hampered. I am not well . I want to be happy and healthy and build a peacefull and prosperous lifestyle with successfull career . Please help and guide me to reach my ambitions.

  64. Shekhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Since last 2 months I am suffering from below illness bcoz of doing wrong Pranayam stepes by own
    please help me how do I overcome from my illness-
    lack of stability in thoughts
    vomiting sensation (nausea)
    uneasiness, easily excitable mind
    breathing difficulty ,
    psychological imbalance, restlessness
    worsening of depression
    Dryness of mouth,
    increase of internal fear,
    excessive perspiration, salivation
    variation in blood pressure and blood glucose levels,
    Increase in stress level,
    lowered immunity,
    bodyache, back ache.


  65. RamdevVideos says:

    You sound very negative in this article, looks like you are not happy that somebody is teaching entire yog ayurved to common people for free.

  66. nirupama chandel says:

    Pranam Sir, I just came across your article and i really liked the logic behind the yoga explained bt you. I live in NY and I have a question I am Hashimoto patient .i started doing Ujjai pranayama. My question is I have started feeling Internal fever(by internal fever i mean I feel like I have high fever but thermometer shows normal. I also feel chills (severe cold). Is there any link with Ujjai and this condition. Please please reply I am waiting for ur answer. Thanks.

  67. Dora Fulop says:

    A few years ago I had the compulsion to try out breathing techniques even if I wasn’t sure about what they exactly do. Once I tried an exercise from a web, “yoga international” which they call Point to Point Breathing. You have to breathe in and out and with each in and out you focus mentally on different parts of the body, going from feet upwards and back to the feet. In the article it said it is supposed to balance the prana distribution. So I put some disco music on in my headphones and started. When I was almost finishing I was feeling somewhat scared: the energy was flowing back and forth with each breath and at one point I felt I have to stop this maybe because I feel as if I am going to fly out trough the top of my head… I thought, maybe it is the music I put on it is too strong so I repeated the next day with a calm music, only to experience the same scary sensations… The thing is, I wrote to yoga international . com to ask if this is normal or not, but they never answered (I am not a paid member, just a reader of their site). I felt like an idiot and never did the practice again. However, I still get their automatic emails in my spam folder till this day offering me courses and techniques.

    Another technique that I tried, for a longer period is the Wim Hof method because I got invited to a fun seminar where we were shown how to do it. Now, the Wim Hof method is a bit trickier to avoid because it is promoted as to be proven by science to boost the inmune system to a point of no more sickness and increase strength… if something is proven by science, what can go wrong? one tends to think. So well I practiced it for a bit longer time. I had read this site and the pranayama article which mentions the eununchs and the angelic part of me was whispering “be careful, eununchs, eununchs, don’t do this!” but my more mundane part was enthousiastic about developing some super capabilities and having freaky sensations during the breath retention phase with loud music on. I began feeling a bit of disturbance in my lungs and discontinued the practice. Last year 2020 due to the covid crisis I was feeling a bit down so again I did the Wim Hof method for a week or so to boost my mood, but I don’t know at what expense that boost came (because actually you feel full of energy after so in that sense it works).

    But luckily it has been more than a year now since I did such experiments and I feel great without the need to make myself special by “improving” with this kind of stuff. I hope I kind of got through that phase to never go back there.

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