Pranayama is killing people! – ||Vedic Yog Rahasya||



My Beloved disciples and Friends,

In these times when everyone is indulging in some kind of Yoga practices it becomes necessary for me to give correct information on:

 Why one should choose Yoga?

 What are parts of complete Yoga System?

What are precautions one should observe?

The Yoga is a discipline for self-realization. This is such a powerful practice oriented  system that it can never fail irrespective of your individual faith, cast, creed, color of skin. The Yoga is scientific – It is about control of mind. Its central part which is known as Pranayama or breath-control is today being recognized by psychologists and medics. The simple fact that breath can serve as a handle to our emotional state of being and also clarity of thought. Choosing Yoga not only develops you physically but also gives you a solid foundation to take a quantum jump within i.e. Dhayan. It can be summarized that our state of being depends on what is in our mind and thus the control which Yoga gives you over your thoughts and emotional and desire-sets is astounding. It is sure shot theraputic-transformative therapy which elevates normal humans to the domain of super-Humans.

The Yoga is divided in 8 Parts:

1. Yama  2. Niyama 3. Asana 4. Pranayama 5. Pratyahara 6. Dharana 7. Dhyan 8. Samadhi

Just a note – First four parts are to be executed, done by you. These four things require your efforts. Rest four are effortless attainment based on the preparation – naturally.

The precautions:

As a central part Pranayama is not only most essential but most powerful and unavoidable too. No amount of efforts or courage can make you successful in your inner journey if you do not have control on your breath. If you do not have capability to absorb huge quantities of raw energy (prana) from outside word it becomes impossible to attain elevation of your inner consciousness also known as Kundalini. But there is a most important preparation as per our Vedas which is known as Nadishodhana before you indulge in any sort of Pranayama. If you dont do Nadishodhana before practicing Pranayama it is extremely injurious to your physical and mental health and its devastation doesn’t end here – your vehicle for spiritual growth i.e. nadi-tantra is destroyed thus stopping your spiritual growth forever. Of course longer your practice heavier price you pay!

The need of Nadishodhana has been validated by every texts and treatise on Yoga by Gherand, Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath and many other including our Vedas. These books are not in chronoligical order even then they echo the same view about the of practice of Nadishodhan before any other Pranayama.

It is my duty to inform the you and all through this medium that people who are not following the Vedic dictum of Nadishodhana before any other Pranayama are heading towards the catastrophe if they are not following the rules inscribed in Vedas and validated by hundreds of Yogis at later date. Today so many people are practicing pranayama before Nadishodhan around the world that I fear tomorrow India may be blamed for spreading this epidemic.

To make all of you aware about this subject we broadcasted a programme on Shraddha MH1 Channel. This program was presented by my yoga guide Yogi Shri Balenduji Giri Maharaj.

Program Name : Vedic Yog Rahasya

Channel : Shriddha MH1

Time : 18:10 IST – 18:30 IST*

The program was telecasted in the month of Septemeber’ 09 for 21 days!

Right from the day this post was made public I have been receiving questions about the authenticity of my claim. People doubted my statement as they felt how come commercially successful teachers like Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar have never warned them about it. Intelligent observation it is and surprisingly the answer too lies in the question itself.

This age is of quick-fixes. People are keen to get  ready to consume materials. If someone comes to you and says that Yoga preparation itself would take almost a year… will you have guts to save your enthusiasm for the 366th day? Will you be able to keep the humble learner’s attitude for so long? People want quick results.. even if that comes with its side-effects! They want instant breast implants, cosmetic surgeris to get rid of acne, consume kilograms of antibiotics in their much-shorter-lifetime, consume bottled juices and junk,fast or even precooked food.. I wouldn’t be streteching it beyond limits if I say that his madness to save time has become an epidemic, a compulsive disorder rather than just the need of hour. Who has time for the elaborate step by step practice of Yoga?

The market-Savvy Gurus understand this very well and this understanding of these cunning Gurus comes handy in popularizing themselves and making them public icons. It is so easy to identify how these gurus are exploiting people’s scarsity of time to their advantage. It only needs little bit of intelligence and courage to ponder and question..

If you are serious seeker and devout yoga learner you may want to explore and understand what basic mistakes are knowingly and repeatedly being propogated by these TV Gurus. Do read following posts –

May existence bless you with health, love and light..

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan


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Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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25 Responses to Pranayama is killing people! – ||Vedic Yog Rahasya||

  1. BigTomBB says:

    Do you think Michel Jackson killed himself?

  2. Hello, it really interesting. thanks

  3. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess I’ll just have to keep checking yours out.


  4. Aashu says:

    Dear Readers,

    I am indeed thankful to the administrators of this web URL for presenting us all with a wonderful medium to learn more, share our views, discuss constructively and address questions relating to various topics related to spirituality, self-realization, introspection, Yoga and well-being.


  5. Jeev says:

    Swami Ramdev has exhumed the Indian ancestral science of Pranayam from the grave of darkness, fear and monopoly of a few and presented it in its simplest form for the welfare of the mankind. Swamiji has devised a sequential practise of the Seven Pranayama with allotted time periods for each which has become very well known.

    “Pranayama Yoga is the complete natural cure for all Physical and Mental Ailments”. Swami Ramdev. Read more about Swami Ramdev Pranayama Package which includes Seven Pranayama, Seven Asana, Seven Mudras, Seven Suksham Vayama, Acupressure and Divya Medicines


    • Shashi says:

      Flattery apart Jeev… Baba is definitely seems to be ignoring some basic rules. i have read other posts on this blog and verified them too. Ach. AD is brilliant and should be applauded for his courage and efforts to make people aware the precautions and dangerous side of yoga practices.

      Hope you consider this with open mind.


  6. Johnie from New York says:

    Well AD, I think Hindu teachings are really amazing, Hinduism isn’t a religion, it is spirituality. I’m saying this because I’m curious about learning it..

  7. Johnie from New York says:

    At least Ramdev popularize this hidden golden science. Yes, I agree with your point. But the objective of Ramdev is to heal people, not to help them attaining spiritual consciousness.

    • Dear Johnie,

      The Yoga is a very handy tool for healing the only precondition is to follow the correct sequence. Even going to Gym promotes health but would you dare to disobey the instructions of the trainer there? Perhaps not. And the simple reason is – Body training is a step by step method and overdoing a step may result in fractured ligament, broken bone, dislocated joint or sever pain in your back.

      Yoga breathing exercises are thoroughly researched (in ancient times) and very much scientific. Skipping some important step would make you land up in chronic disabled state rather than helping you.

      I am sure you would appreciate there is so much debate and noise on NPT all around the globe.Inclusion of any state whose credibility is doubtful is being devoid of this technological knowhow. But why? In fact this is a guarded knowledge and any prolifiration can be disaterous to whole humanity if it falls in wrong hands.

      I would go to the extend of saying that Yoga has fallen in wrong hands and this indiscriminate ‘selling’ of this ‘secret’ has already endangered the human race. I declare that in coming few decades when enough research has been conducted the Yoga would find its ‘glory’ and status of ‘secret’, guarded wisdom because it needs to be so.

      It is ‘nuclear science of self’ and you should approach to it with caution and care or else you never know you may be on a suicidal run.

      Love and Light

      – AD

  8. docguyster says:

    Above article is 100 % accurate and i am experiencing the adverse affects of pranayam after watching ramdev on tv for last 5 years.this guy is misusing the tpowerful tool of pranayama for immediate stardom.

  9. lulki says:

    Baba ramdev’s pranayam cured my father’s CANCER and my sister’s horrific IBS in which she suffered from severe ACIDITY she would vomit in pain. Pranayam has helped me to control my anger.In two days I cured my friend’s insomania and she started feeling more positive.And here I read this is injurious to health?? I find it hard to believe..

    • Dear Lulki, First thing first.. The fact is that there is no pranayam named as ‘Baba Ramdev’s Pranayam’. The combination of 5-6 Pranayama is a reciepe which is being marketed and advertised.. Thats the magic of Advertisement. The broad scale advertising convinces us of product’s magnanimous benefits.. and once you have trust in any Baba.. even his sacred ashes would do good to some people however that doesn’t establish such therpy or method logically.

      I have seen some Christian Miracle Healing sessions… people with chronic diseases claimed to have got healed permanantly only in 40 minute session. In the cases you quoted I can clearly see some amount of oxygenation happening (after all the patients participated and practiced breathing)… and I say it is nothing less than miracle.

      Miracles do happen.. even you can attract those in your life using simple methods. Prayers do get heard but if something is healed by grace no therapy or therapist, provided he/she is honest enough would claim to have healed by his personal efforts.

      I once again underline the fact that some pranayams are dangerous if they are attempted without proper caution and preparation… what I am saying is well documented in Hindu Upnishads.. which are authetic texts on Yoga. There are definitely serious side effects of faulty approach to Pranayama and once the damage is exhibited then there is no repair possible..

      My effort has been to put forward the correct authentic.. vedic method but discretion lies with individuals.

      Love and Light

      • Vinod Bisht says:

        Baba Ramdev closed the door for thousand of untrained Yoga Teachers is this the frustrated reaction like these comments, if not than please find out these people who get hearted by pranayam of Baba Ramdev (Pranayam practiced as per babs’s method), i think many Congress leaders are seeking this kind of Breaking News. “Pranayam is killing people” is attracting subject but stop this Ghatiya effort, If there is some weight in you effort come out with some or single proof, C every one experience batter life style, this will be hard for you to find that person who killed by pranayama

      • Beloved Vinod,

        I have replied to you in a separate mail and expect a reply from you. I think you have not read all the related discourses on it, please go through them all and then make up your mind whether to continue to live in dark or seek some light.

        love and Light
        – AD

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  11. lulki says:

    U stated that there are severe damages in one’s physical and mental health. My question is WHAT are those severe damages?

    I believe it is wrong to talk to talk negetevely about Swami Ramdev.Agreed that mindset could have a role in physical healing but allow me inform you I don’t follow his way of doing pranayam because he is a hindu sadhu. I am a muslim and most likely to be a skeptic and to question the healing system. So faith and believe has nothing to do with the healing which took place around me. As skeptics we did pranayam but got amazing results, results which we didnt expect we would get.
    His simplicity of Pranayam and Yoga is benefiting people all around, patients who were going to die are now living a completely healthy life. But let me ask you isnt it a blessing to be cured from a disease and to realised from the cluches of death or from the misery of pain which made life a living hell ?
    I have seen people around me literally suffer and cry in pain. His simple pranayam came as blessing in my house.
    Therefore Its hard for me to imagine the ill effects of something which frees us from such misery.
    Yet if there are any pre-cautionary measures please do inform.

    Best Wishes

  12. wayki says:

    hi there,

    can i please use the above image

    for a book i am publishing? it will only be 2″ square and in greyscale – please email me at


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    • I can only smile at your foolishness that you are marketing Free Yoga at a place where this practice is being ridiculed outrightly.. 🙂

      No wonder you may still get some clicks on your site… after all this is the most authentic, well researched post which is being viewed everyday by people over the web.

      Happy selling.. by the way I would like to know ‘Who is your Yoga Guru?’..

      Love and Light
      – AD

  14. Tarasankar says:

    This is a blog where writing something means wastage of my keyboard lifespan

  15. baljeet says:

    Hello AD

    Quite itneresting blog. I have started prayanam recently and first day i felt great. I have swollen liver and spleen. I was only able to do 3 min today is second day for about week I was having hard time to pass out stools. But for 2 days I am very fine after prayanam. Not sure if its prayanam or change in diet. I like your post please keep guiding us. Also post some videos on youtube. Some ppl like to listen then read. Looking forward to yoga but with correct approach.

  16. Kuttan says:

    sri sri ravisankar is making people get addicted to sudharsan kriya.i was a student of art of living and with in 6 months of sudarsan kriya I understood its negative effects like memory loss,Bp,acidity,irritation etc….My advice to all don’t practice sudarshan kriya…its dangerous for some people….

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