I dn’t wanna stop!

[Following is the full chat session of AD with Desh Deepak Chaturvedi. Desh Deepak is a Ad-Film maker and has done some of great films. Desh Deepak (DD) is full of life, has a great sense of humour and thus specializes in the humor-laden-advertising. DD has recently joined the mailing list of “Sacred Association” and has an extremely interesting conversation.]

DD: Gd evening, I read your blog.. it is interestin..


AD: Nice. This is on spirituality.. I have started contributing to this.. on request of those.. who have given me immense love and also an opportunity to be their guru, philosopher and master who can hammer them..


DD: That’s really nice..!


AD: Just mind you.. some of the concepts are really tough.. but i am sure you can appreciate that.


DD: I shall definitely try to understand. By the way I am also Guru – Love Guru 🙂


AD: Great! Then when love guru is starting a blog? The teens are really in very much need of this from you.. start it soon they should not be deprived of your expert advice (lol)


DD: Who are these three individuals that u talk about who have the potential to grow to your expectations.


AD: One is Shekhar. He is not a consistent practicenor but has potential to grow. Needs indirect hammering though.. yet I know he would keep falling but keep travelling.. baby steps in fact.


DD: ok


AD: Another one is Devpriya.. who has partnered me in many of my Sadhnas. She has certain flowering which is extremely rare. Another is Amit who was in Ahemadabad..


DD: ok


AD:  Amit is very fine Meditator and has been responsive to the initiation. Wonderful experiences he is having.. and growing fabulously..sab gurudev ki kripa hai


DD: Gurudev?


AD: My spiritual guru  who has given me this name too, Agyaat Darshan because it was me who could see him in true sense.


DD: Oh, thats really Great..


DD: I read your blog and it has something about hypnosis too. Do you use Hypnosis?


AD: I have left it to others in my circle..


DD: Why??


AD: I am no more into aero-modeling and aeronautics  i am interested in teaching rocket science.


DD: What is that?


AD: Deepak, when people talk of worldly desires.. still wanting more of the same cake they have been eating since lives then they need it.. and these rituals of therapies are aimed to attune them to become more fit to gain material abundance.. and social-able.. I call all these things part of Aeronautics..




AD: And when you feel.. Enough is Enough! When someday you yell.. I am not satisfied with these tiny flashes of these gains.. then you seek.. The real. You seek your true nature.. and that I call Rocket Science.. The science of self discovery..


DD: But is there a need to seek true nature? I think we just need to remove the blinkers put on by society and its there fr everyone to see. Its just that the cotton wool of lust …by lust I mean all kinds of lust……. has blinded us


AD: I am listening..


DD: we just need to free our eyes and by tht i mean the eyes of the soul of all baggage and burden and it is ready to fly. Burdening ourselves with expectations .. of any kind is what hinders this flight. In my own humble wisdom I live moments and these moments are a lifetime in their own right and to be in a moment is nirvana.  It is this attitude that has me lookin forward to every moment and yess even the moment when the earthly sojourn ends


AD: hmm..


DD: coz for me tht will also be an experience which i am loookin forward to I m here on a journey ….. and that is y i am detached to whtever happens. i am in this world i live by the same desires bt i am unattached

i dnt consider nythin permanent or mine hence to me that is how i hv rid my self of lust. Though i do have sex bt i am nt a slave to the desire and i dnt want to possess other bodies thru it hence i believe tht i am in the process of evolving. Over to u guru ji


AD: 🙂

Do I need to say you are right?

Do I need to say you are wrong??


DD: Right and wrong is nothin but perspectives. absolute truth kuch hota hai agar to mai jaanta nahi, mere andar ke bhagwaan k siwa mai kisi ko pehchanta nahi


AD: Neither it would be correct for you if I say wrong or right .. because it is always intellectually right.. but what matters the most is the feeling you are describing in the process of your evolution.. the feelings through senses and feelings without them.. and the life is a journey to get back to our original state of being while still being in this body where we have mastered to feel and experience the permanent without the senses.. and that is why I insist without meditativeness the inner journey can never be complete.


DD: completion hi to nahi chahiye. i want to be in this journey forever

i dnt wanna stop!!


AD: That’s really interesting point. And let me tell you that the ultimate experience actually doesn’t stop the journey.. rather expands your senses beyond senses.. your ability to seek beyond the limited boundaries of your senses.. and yes.. there is lot to explore.. limiting ourselves to the experiences of this physical reality is not very intelligent step in its own way.


The more we get in the more we know and the farther we see the road stretching.. the journey actually never ends.. but when I start talking about the virtues I have.. and justifying the way I live……. it has actually always been there.. and there is no one who would like to believe that he is traitor to himself.. or not doing things right. Because this world which we feel, touch, taste and see is also a plane of expereince.. but when we are able to recognize the fact that all we are looking for in the name of conituning our jorney is just different permutations and combinations of feelings getting generated of our senses.. and when we see that there is moon beyond to go.. then only we choose to invent a rocket..


Moon is another plane.. totally un-experienced reality. Reaching there is not the end but a beginning of exploration of space beyond.


When you say that I am here only to continue the journey.. is like closing the eyes to another realms of existence. But trust me.. when you enter inner world through meditation and you start the journey.. you first time in your life experience that there are so many beautiful milestones to be achieved within rather than just a faint belief that there is a God sitting in my heart and communicating with me through my inner voice. Although that’s also true for the uninitiated and it is good to feel that.. but staying there with this as final dictum of self is the limit we mostly imposed on self.


DD: ok


AD: And yes.. there is no need to relinquish anything here.. in this world.. In fact from this world you get the steel.. you get the fuel.. you get almost everything to make your rocket and techniques to burn the fuel in such way to help you start your journey in the unlimited space.. so I have never ask anyone to renounce. And in fact in reality you can NOT renounce.. so why try that. It would be futile. God has already arranged the travel itinerary for you.. He is already taking you to another realm of death where yet again you will be devoid of senses.. and you would experience that reality through death without your senses only. So he has it in store.. it is due to come. You are nearing that every moment. My insistence on speeding up the journey and taking a quantum leap within is all about asking you to experience it by choice rather than compulsion. To experience it in full awareness rather than fearfully towards the ends.. or rather just at the end. And why is that needed? Because when we enter that dimension senseless or even senselessly (as I call it) as a compulsion arising out of death.. we fall in an unknown territory.. we are unable to move around.. its utter darkness and we are unable to drive.. we are unable to scale the ditches or peaks.. and just in some time.. out of fear.. you jump back.. you yet again come back to the known territory, that is here.. and this is coming again – The cycle of death and birth.


DD: Sounds logical.. intersting..


AD: And only intelligent person like you.. having wisdom and logic can see this fact. So why not use this launch pad.. and learn to escape.. and come back too.. while we are still alive.. well within this body.


AD: And you will have so many wonderful experiences.. the endless journey begins then. This journey.. which we long for.. and wish that it may continue.. will not. Death will forcibly end it.. even if we do not wish to. I invite you to seek deeper.. jump into unknown.. and experience. The journey to the infinite is never ending.. but we must learn the rules and be familiar with the territories.


DD: I am curious to know more about it, we shall soon sit together and talk about it.


DD: It was nice chatting with u after and for so looooong time


AD: Thank you for patiently listening to me.


DD: the pleasure has surely been mine


AD: Love and Light to you. We shall meet soon.. and I will make you experience some of it.


DD: i am eagerly looking forward to it..


AD: God Bless You


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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12 Responses to I dn’t wanna stop!

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  2. roopam says:

    Hi AD,

    i read this conversation..
    its intersting,,,

    i want to know that to live in moments is important or living for truth and commiments is imp…. i found many people around who say i love u,, but they want to live in moments,,,, even i know a man who was married and said that y can’t i be in love although im married?? y can’t i feel in love with u??? i found it rubbish….. but he made me believe that he loves me aloottt… but im still finding it strange,,,, todays youth is running for lust….. if u think about “anand”( eternal happiness), then sleeping around with people wid the name of love is right???
    that man want to live with his wife for life coz he is commited,,, and can’t think of anybody entering his life as his wife….. but is in search of true love…..
    i am also married,,,,, i found it easy to love him…. i can even “imagine” making love wid him,… but in reality i love my husband…..its strange for me… my inner self doesn’t allow me…. wat should i do in such case and wast should others do in such suitation

  3. roopam says:

    i find todays youth facing such problem alottt…..

    they come up and say that they are emotionally weak… how to help them rather not affecting dere growth?

  4. roopam says:

    how can we help todays youth,,, as we know they don’t even understand wat u r all talking about!!

    • Roopam, Good to see your concern.. for self and selfless as well.. I am really occupied with some extremely critical situation of life-time. Thats related to something about our duties.. shall talk at length sometimes later however I wish to tell you that as soon as i get time I would love to answer your concerns and questions. Hope you would be generous enough to pardon me for the delay.. also may be this prolonged silence gives you time to contemplate on the issues yourself.

      love and light

  5. roopam says:

    yes AD take ur time!!!

    hope all is well at ur end!!

    meanwhile i am looking forward to answer these question by my own!
    so tat we have lot more to discuss

  6. kuckoo says:

    AD i am too waiting for your enlightening answer on this…..

  7. bet365 says:

    Good day! I was fortunate to discover your subject in baidu
    your post is outstanding I get a lot in your website really thank your very much btw the theme of you site is really outstanding.

  8. sravan kumar says:

    Sir, This is sravan who met you at International Youth Conference..
    Have some douts regarding mind and meditation…

    – Sravan

    • Devpriya says:

      Beloved Sravan,

      Welcome to Sacred Association. Please do write your questions here and Acharya ji shall respond to those as soon as he finds time to bless us.

      Love & Light
      – Ma

  9. dhananjay deshpande says:


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