Acharya, How did you recognize I’m cluttered? Really I am! I’m unable to do meditation and need your help. Please guide me. – Sonal

Beauty is divine!

Beauty is divine!

It is all in your eyes Sonal!

It is in your energy field and in your voice. This is no surprise, even you can easily understand if someone is cluttered, suffocted, drained, having malice and so on. This can come to you too with practice. The meditation is essential part of preparing you to attain this clairvoyance. The one who is in anger doesn’t realize that his being is shaking and shivering but the one who is a objective observer would be able to tell you that you are actually red in face and frowing.. isn’t it?

Now before I talk about how you can successfully start your journey in meditation let me explain what is this clutter all about. We all have certain desire sets. More the number of desire sets more is the clutter. In such a situation you are unable to prioritize your actions and state of confusion, indecision and instability pravails.

First most important fact is – you do not have desires, you become desire and that is where the trouble begings. You do not see even slightest of gap between you and desire.. in fact you are desiring. Such a state makes it extremely difficult for us to experience meditation. We shall learn how to create a separation between your being, the self and the desire. When you shall be able to see your desires as separate things in your mind then it would be easy to deal with them.

Second important thing to note is that natural tendency of mind is to settle in thoughtless state.. and thoughtless state is bliss. Whole humanity knows no better methods than to work extremely hard to achieve the object of your desire and at least for few moments of happiness. Happiness is nothing but a state of desirelessness for some time. A sense of contentment for some time. People have not been trained to get this sense of happiness from within through the process of meditation and thus the whole giant wheel of action around the globe keeps churning and people yoke themselves to it volunteeringly yielding here and there few drops of temporary happiness. All moments of happiness which are acquired by acquisition of something, achieveing some goal are temporary because the source is outside and this very fact of source not being in your control makes it temporary, vulnerable to death. And thus it invariably happens all the time – the objects of happiness become source of pain and displeasure in due course of time. For example you buy your dream car. For that you spend years altogether preparing your finances, suffering but saving for it and one fine chosen morning you enter the showroom and write a cheque to get hold of your dream car.. This gives you enormous happiness! But the very next moment when you are driving back.. you have now worries of protecting this car from scratches, dents and theft. The same object which gave you happiness has now become your pain point. This is not a good bargain at all.. and even a 5th standard school child can give you account of your balance sheet. The sum total of happiness and the sum total of your worries. But we still do it. Without getting in to why you do so it is better to learn a mechanis, a method which makes our happiness independent of external objects. How about learning a method to modify your internal circuitary so that such worries dont haunt you. All that is possible.. it is long journey for you but definitely the begining is in meditation.

Third important point to note is that meditation is not done, it happens. So when you try doing meditation it will never happen. Most of people in the name of meditation try to become thoughtless focussing their attention between their eyebrows and say that I am able to stay thoughtless for amout 10 seconds and then yet again thoughts start haunting me. They are definitely not allowing meditation to happen – they are trying to do it, they are struggling to make themselves thought free. Cutting every thought which comes to their mind. Wiping every thought which appears on the slate and then then for few seconds if thoughts done pop up the cunning mind yet again defeats them by flashing more noble thought “I am thoughtless now.” (laughs)

So what would be the way to meditate?

(Dr. S.N. Gaur, Head – Patel Chest Institute suggests Sonal that she needs to concentrate… while AD continues..)

Sonal,  Meditation is art of being.. it is neither the art of living (engaging in beautiful thoughts) nor the art of dying (trying to be egoless) and it is not the art of becoming ( struggling to become thoughtless) either. Meditation in one 3 worded simple sentence is Art of being.

Now being is most difficult as we always learnt to become something. We have been told that we are not sufficient as we are. We have been conditioned to become this or that and when we see around we find that whole world is trying that and thus we hypnotically follow what everyone else around us is doing and unfortunately the same paradigm we carry to our meditation sessions also. This will not work here. It is diagonally opposite extreme of the world view.

Acceptance is the key word for succeeding in meditation. And thus no more struggle. The best possible anchor for acceptance exercise is your own breath. Just keep watching it silently, accept it as it is. Looking at your psyche and mental built up I recommend you to focus on the turning point of breath. Let me explain – When you breath in there comes a point when your lungs become full and then you momentarily stop and then the breathing out cycle starts.. You need to keep your mind engaged in watching this wonderfully beautiful point of no thought. It is so very engaging once you develop the taste for this technique.

I am aware that you have some distatse for cluttered room. The best exercise in acceptance for you is – pay least attention to the clutteredness and whenever you get an urge to indulge in arranging things at their right place just become statue for 30 seconds.. watch your breath and question yourself “what if I just accept it as it is? and then declare “I accept this room as it is”.. This would be begining, like sowing the seed of acceptance and gradually you will find that acceptance has started seeping in other domains of life as well. Mind you! This does not mean ignoring.. and be cautious of this feeling in you. You do not have to ignore the clutter but be with it in complete acceptance without an urge to change. Thats the key.

Why I am giving you tips for acceptance is becuase the more accepting we are meditation becomes easier for us. A seasoned meditator can be in meditation even while he is walking, talking or even indulging in any arduous physical activity.. because he has developped enormous acceptance. So try what I have told you and you will reap benefits of it.

Initially start with 10 minutes and in three weeks time gradually make it 20 minutes. Do ensure that the meditation is done at the same time and same place (if possible) everyday. When you are angry, miserable, tense or hungry do not sit for meditation. That does not mean you find excuses everyday for not sitting in meditation.. start preparing yourself at least one hour in advance with the thought “I’m approaching my meditation time.” Surprisingly during this one thought ringing in your mind.. you will start becoming more meditative and your clutter of energies will gradually vanish.

A total harmony in your being would make you always feel like as if you are walking in air.. when this symptom starts ask me what next. (Smiles) And Do you know that two grosser layers your auric energy can be measured now.

(Dr. S.N. Gaur nods to Sonal in affirmation)

You may like to get it measured. If you need that you I shall advise Devpriya to arrange a balancing sesssion for you. Devpriya has developped some wonderful therapies to balance your energies using colors and symbols.


(Sonal smiles and nods)

[The above talk was given as response to the question of Sonal Gaur, 21 year vibrant working girl wanting to take admission in MBA but finding it difficult to take decision and her question about how to mediate. Sonal is daughter of Dr. V.N Gaur (Practicing Ortheopedic Surgeon and Dr. Madhulika Gaur (MD, Pediatrics)]


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranamaya, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform.
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3 Responses to Acharya, How did you recognize I’m cluttered? Really I am! I’m unable to do meditation and need your help. Please guide me. – Sonal

  1. Sujatha says:

    Hi….nice blog! Looking forward for some more gyaan swamiji.

  2. Saumya says:

    Thank you for your inspirational talk.
    This will definitely help me live a more stable and meaningful life..!!
    Will update you with the progress.. 🙂

    • agyaatdarshan says:


      I am happy you feel helped. Keep watching your breath and this space on the web. I am always here to fine tune your meditational practice. Do share your experiences.. we shall meet up and spend some time again.

      Love and Light
      – AD

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